Is Neil Patric Harris’ Drama, ‘Uncoupled’ on Netflix Mere Sex and the City Gay Replica?

Is Neil Patric Harris’ Drama, ‘Uncoupled’ on Netflix Mere Sex and the City Gay Replica?

Netflix has added a new show to its never-ending list of Originals, Uncoupled. The show stars the How I Met Your Mother fame, Neil Patric Harris. Harris’s character in the show goes through a midlife crisis after his longtime partner of 17 years suddenly leaves him and he has to learn all the new rules of dating once again.

The show is an excellent slice of life that started streaming on Netflix on the 29th of July. So now that audiences have had enough time to form an opinion on the show, why not check what they say about it?

What are the reviews of Uncoupled by Netflix?

After streaming on the drive for more than a day Uncoupled seems to be receiving mixed reviews. The internet is divided among critics and fans. The critics seem to have mixed opinions of the show while the fans absolutely love it. Major publications such as CNN felt that the show had some strong points but lacked in making a genuine connection with the audience“Tone that alternates between “Sex and the City” and imitation Neil Simon,” they wrote.

Washington Post on the other hand felt that the show lacked, “is moments of emotional groundedness.” However, no matter the mixed review all those who have watched the show agree that Neil Patric Harris is completely amazing as Michael Lawson.

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What are the fans saying about the show?

Apparently where critics are divided about their opinion of the show. The fans downright love the series and are even asking for another season as soon as possible. Some of the fan tweets appreciating the show are.

All in all the show seems to be a hit among the fans who love the Sex and the city vibe that Uncoupled gives. Also, it goes without saying that it is so refreshing to see Neil on screens after his incredible run as Barney on HIMYM.

Did you guys love the series or not? Give us your verdict on whether it should be watched or not. Share your answers with us in the comments.

Uncoupled is currently streaming only on Netflix.

One thought on “Is Neil Patric Harris’ Drama, ‘Uncoupled’ on Netflix Mere Sex and the City Gay Replica?

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    August 1, 2022 at 5:47 am

    Yes, make it gay to ripoff SITC with boring plots and unbelievable and uninteresting characters. I wouldn’t want to know these people. In simple terms, it is useless.
    Follow a whiny little bitch because he got dumped? Get a life.
    Don’t waste your time.

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