Netflix Gives a Treat to Birthday Boy Kal Penn—’Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle’ to Reach the Streamer in May

Netflix Gives a Treat to Birthday Boy Kal Penn—’Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle’ to Reach the Streamer in May

It seems like ages ago when we were lining in the 2000s. It was an era of truly iconic movies and pop culture references. Apparently, it was the decade of great films and even greater comedies. One such buddy comedy that won our hearts and left us in splits was Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, starring Kal Penn and John Cho.

After many years, the movie is finally going to be on Netflix. And they chose to announce it on a great day.

Netflix’s birthday gift to Kal Penn

The 23rd of April marks the birthday of the Former Associate Director, White House, Kal Penn. And to commemorate such a special day for the actor, Netflix announced that his 2004 stoner-buddy comedy will start streaming on the website.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle will start streaming on Netflix from May 1st. Kal starred in the film alongside John Cho as two stoner friends who have the sudden urge to eat at a White Castle joint. But their journey to the fast-food chain is nothing short of an epic.

The whole film takes place on a single night when Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal) are trying to reach a White Castle outlet. But they getting struck with obstacles, one after another.

The film is a hilarious, fun ride of two friends desperately trying to eat some burgers and fries. The movie was a huge success that even led to the birth of a whole Harold & Kumar trilogy. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008) and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011) are the two subsequent films in the series.

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Full series on Netflix

Interestingly, with the coming of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle on Netflix, the whole franchise will be complete as both the other films are already on the streaming service. Kal is also known to have starred in the How I Met Your Mother series. He played Kevin, Robin’s therapist-turned-boyfriend.

Are you excited for the film to come on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

Stream the film on Netflix from May 1st.

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