“It doesn’t happen”- Ryan Reynolds’ Trainer Reveals the Secret to Actor’s ‘Deadpool 3’ Preparation Diet, as He Prepares to Take on Hugh Jackman in the MCU Flick

“It doesn’t happen”- Ryan Reynolds’ Trainer Reveals the Secret to Actor’s ‘Deadpool 3’ Preparation Diet, as He Prepares to Take on Hugh Jackman in the MCU Flick

Ryan Reynolds is going all out as he prepares for Deadpool 3. The first part came in 2016, and expectations have only increased since the success of Deadpool 1 and 2. So despite the change in time, the actor is required to look at his fittest and best, even under the superhero’s costume.

Now, the secret to looking his best takes a combination of workouts and a good diet. Every celebrity has their own regime depending on their body and role requirements. Reynold’s trainer reveals the techniques they have picked up for his next Marvel installment.

Ryan Reynolds is physically preparing himself for Deadpool 3

While there is much anticipation, the shoot for Deadpool 3 has not even begun. Ryan Reynolds wants to be pumped up, looking and feeling his best for the role. As per Insider, his trainer Don Saladino opened up about how the actor is focusing on both physical workouts and a clean diet. He explained that Ryan cannot go on a no-carb diet, considering his busy schedule as a father, businessman, and actor. “It doesn’t happen. He’s one of the busiest human beings I’ve ever met,” said Saladino. There is no heavy restriction on what food groups he eats. Rather, they work on increasing the metabolism through physical means.

Resistance training is their go-to formula, as revealed by the trainer. The training begins with foam rolling and massage to relax the muscles. This is followed by a warm-up and a focus on movement improvements. Thoracic extension and rotation, as well as the body’s mobility, are vital. Along with part-focused workouts, they mix in some interval-based workouts. But all of this is done with caution, to prevent injuries.

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The Wrexham co-owner is not the only one gearing up for it. Hugh Jackman has a big part to play as well.

How the duo is preparing with friendly competition

Reynold was introduced to the trainer by none other than his Deadpool co-star and friend, Hugh Jackman. Now, the X-Men actor himself has a big preparation plan as he will be reprising his role of Wolverine for this movie. Both Reynolds and Jackman are often seen indulging in friendly banter by competing over their bodies on social media.

But despite the jokes, they are focusing on challenging their own bodies with their own special requirements. The results of their workout will be seen in Deadpool 3, which is set to release in November 2024.

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