Is Ryan Reynolds Movie Where He Headbutted Denzel Washington Available on Netflix?

Is Ryan Reynolds Movie Where He Headbutted Denzel Washington Available on Netflix?

When two A-list actors come together, you know the movie is going to be worth watching. We witnessed that when Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington came together for a suspense action-drama. The Deadpool actor is known for his humorous action sequences that keep the audience entertained, while the Equalizer hero has a more clever impactful dialogue delivery that demands your attention. While the movies suspenseful storyline will keep you on your toes.

The Daniel Espinosa film was an American action thriller released in theatres in 2012. The film was distributed by Universal studios and shot in exquisite locations around Cape Town, South Africa. Upon its release, it received some negative reviews, despite which the movie managed to make commercial success with a profit of $208.1 million against the $85 million budget. The film was criticized for screenplay and editing, but both the leads gained an appreciation for their acting skills. If this gets you excited and if you are wondering if this decade-old movie is available on Netflix, here is the answer.

Is this Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington movie available on Netflix?

The Ryan and Denzel studded action thriller was the movie Safehouse. Despite Netflix having a collection of action thrillers, Safehouse is not available on the streaming platform. The movie was available to watch on Netflix and topped the viewing charts. But that didn’t, last as it exited the platform just weeks after. Changing VPN will mostly be unuseful since the movie may not be available in any country on Netflix. It can be rented on Prime Video though.

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The movie revolves around CIA Agent Matt Weston who is tasked with the responsibility to get a dangerous criminal, and turncoat operative Tobin Frost out of the Safehouse unharmed. As the safehouse has become an unsafe place after some lethal attacks. To add some spice along with this dynamic duo, other supporting characters in the movie included Vera Farminga, Brandon Gleeson, and Sam Shepard.


The action in the movie was not limited to the on-screen drama though. As it turns out, the Deadpool actor was involved in some goof-up with Washington during the shoot that almost cost him his career. Quite an interesting trivia, isn’t it? Now, although the movie is unavailable on Netflix, you can watch another Ryan Reynolds thriller 6 Underground on the platform.



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