Did You Know Millie Bobby Brown and Ryan Reynolds Have Worked Together?

Did You Know Millie Bobby Brown and Ryan Reynolds Have Worked Together?

While one is a telekinetic teen with a heart of gold, the other is a fast-talking mercenary with healing and regenerative abilities. We are obviously talking about Eleven (Stranger Things) and Wade Wilson (Deadpool) played by Millie Bobby Brown and Ryan Reynolds, respectively. Whether it is their on-screen characters or off-screen personas, both actors are on top of their games and are household names today.

With several rumors flooding in regarding the Stranger Things star’s debut in the MCU, speculations of her joining the Deadpool 3 cast top the list. Although there are no confirmations yet, fans are absolutely thrilled about the prospect of the two actors working together. But, did you know Millie Bobby Brown and Ryan Reynolds already have a project together?

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Millie Bobby Brown and Ryan Reynolds worked on a parody

Back in 2018, Brown and Reynolds appeared together on a Spanish TV Short titled Asesinato en El Hormiguero Express. The video was part of season 13 of a popular Spanish show called El Hormiguero, which translates to The Anthill. The show, known for its humor, is a combination of talk and variety show styles and is filmed in front of a live audience.

Asesinato en El Hormiguero Express was a spoof of an acclaimed Agatha Christie mystery, Murder on the Orient Express. While the story already has a feature-length adaptation starring Johnny Depp, this short is a full-blown parody. Apart from Millie Bobby Brown and Ryan Reynolds, the short also stars another Stranger Things alum, Noah Schnapp, and Jared Leto of Morbius fame, among other familiar names.

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El Hormiguero is an absolute crowd-favorite show. It also received international acclaim when it was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2011 in the non-scripted category. Having said that, the Orient Express spoof wasn’t much to write home about. The episode received an extremely low IMDb rating of 4.1.

Granted, the parody didn’t leave a significant mark, but it sure sparked hope of seeing Millie and Ryan together. Perhaps, they might just be part of a larger-than-life cinematic universe. What do you think? Let us know your wishlist of movies that could feature the two brilliant actors. In the meantime, you can imagine a fun time-traveling crossover while watching Enola Holmes and The Adam Project streaming on Netflix.

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