“I was like ‘Thanks karma’”- When 19-Year Old Ryan Reynolds Became a Victim of Hit and Run

“I was like ‘Thanks karma’”- When 19-Year Old Ryan Reynolds Became a Victim of Hit and Run

Ryan Reynolds can make a joke about anything, even something as grim as a hit and run. The Wrexham AFC owner has been lucky pretty much for most of his life, considering the number of times he was in danger. Remember the Brazil comic con incident? The actor escaped unscathed but it was traumatic, to say the least, for both the actor and the fans at the event.

Turns out, the actor has had a close call to death before. Just like his Free Guy character, who got run over twice, Ryan was also involved in a near-fatal accident, years back. 

19-year-old Ryan Reynolds had every bone in the left side of his body cracked 

During 6 Underground promotions, Ryan Reynolds, in a conversation with Xilly Valentine opened up about a horrifying experience in his youth. When he was 19 and had some drinks, the actor had opted to walk all the way to home. However, unfortunately, despite choosing not to drive drunk, a drunkard run Ryan over on his way back. 

“I had a couple of drinks and I didn’t want to get into my car obviously because that’s insane. I walked home and on my way home, I got hit by a drunk driver. I was like, ‘Thanks, karma!” he said laughing. 

Before anybody raised their eyebrows, the actor also offered an explanation that the drinking age is different in Canada. So, he hadn’t broken any rules. 

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Apart from this incident, yet another hit-and-run case in 2015 happened in Ryan’s life. This time, it was a photographer, and it happened in an underground garage. Ryan was filming for his then-upcoming film, Deadpool. The driver escaped the scene but fortunately, the star escaped the scene without any scratches. 

We only hope our favorite star stays safe and Karma stops biting him in the ass. All he has ever done is make jokes! 

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