“I was weeping!”-When Ryan Reynolds Revealed That ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Made Him Cry, and It Was Not Because of Daenerys Targaryen’s Death

“I was weeping!”-When Ryan Reynolds Revealed That ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Made Him Cry, and It Was Not Because of Daenerys Targaryen’s Death

Ryan Reynolds is one of the greatest actors of our generation. He is also one of the most successful and bankable actors working today. However, beneath all that, he is a normal human being too. He also connects to the shows and movies he watches. And it is no surprise that some touching shows are bound to make him emotional. In the past, too, he has admitted that some shows have made him emotional.

Not long back, the fantasy-drama series Game of Thrones had everyone hooked on it. The show has a massive fan following, and interestingly, the Deadpool actor is also its big admirer. In one of the scenes from the final season of GOT, Ryan reached out for tissues, and no, it was not for Daenerys Targaryen’s death scene.

Which scene of GOT made Ryan Reynolds cry?

Previously, in an interview, the Free Guy actor talked about his favorite show, Game Of Thrones. Reynolds was not just an average fan of the HBO series; he was once addicted to the show. The tragic deaths of Theon Greyjoy and Ser Jorah Mormont in the Battle of Winterfell left the Merc with a mouth overwhelmed with emotions. Ryan could not hold back his tears after watching the heartbreaking scene. “There may have been some tears, “I was weeping!” confessed Reynolds.

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Furthermore, one of the scenes from the same episode, The Long Night, featured a scene where Arya stabs the Night King in the eleventh hour, leaving the audience in awe. Ryan revealed how he just went, “‘Whoa! It was one of the best moments in television history. It was epic and executed beautifully.”

However, during the time of the interview, the most painful scene from the series was yet to release. In the season finale, Jon Snow killed Daenerys Targaryen, and if the earlier deaths made Ryan emotional, we could only imagine how devastated he was after watching the final episode.

What are Ryan’s upcoming projects?

Reynolds has a long list of upcoming projects in the coming years. The actor is all set to star in the live-action adaptation of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, Spirited. Apart from that, some of Ryan’s most anticipated projects include Deadpool 3, the animated series Futha Mucka, and Universal Pictures production Everyday Parenting Tips.

What did you think of Ryan’s emotional response to GoT? Do you think he would have liked the finale season of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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