“I just don’t know who that is”- When Ryan Reynolds Had No Clue About Will Smith’s Deadpool-Esque Anti-Hero

“I just don’t know who that is”- When Ryan Reynolds Had No Clue About Will Smith’s Deadpool-Esque Anti-Hero

Ryan Reynolds was once clueless when asked about a Will Smith character. The Free Guy actor who began his career with comedy movies and humorous roles only started starring in action movies in the later part of his career. His first stint was appearing as Deadpool, with a stitched mouth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This was followed by playing DC’s Green Lantern. But neither of these was a hit amongst comic fans. That was until Ryan’s comeback as a solo lead in Deadpool, after careful improvements to the character.

Within a matter of a few years, Deadpool released two amazing films with Deadpool 3 already reaching us in 2024. The Marvel character movie had its first part released in 2015 and made a total box office collection of $782.6 million. During the movie’s promotion, Reynolds was asked about a Will Smith character that resembles Deadpool in some way. But to our surprise, the former had no idea about that character.

When Ryan Reynolds had no idea about this Will Smith character

Marvel’s quirky protagonist Deadpool appears similar to DC Comics supervillain Deadshot. Ryan Reynolds had no idea about it when he blazed the 2015 Comic-Con with an intriguing Deadpool trailer. In an interview, Ryan was asked, “Who would win, Deadpool or Deadshot”. Reynolds with a sincere look, responded with a counter-question, ” Who’s Deadshot“, accepting that he is not familiar with the character.Sorry I just don’t know who that is”. 

Before Ryan’s ‘Marvel’lous entry, Will Smith gave a sneak peek earlier that day for his Warner Bros movie. His character Deadshot, ‘the man who cannot miss”, was an adaptation of DC comics. Will aced by taking a 180-degree playing a dangerous villain in Suicide Squad. Apart from both being comedians and action heroes, the common thing about Ryan and Smith’s roles was the red-colored costume.

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Usually, fans would make a comparison between Marvel’s Deadpool and DC’s Deathstroke. Knowing Ryan and Will’s amped-up excitement for their roles, lead to a comparison between Deadpool and Deadshot. Unfortunately, Reynold’s unawareness fizzled out the excitement. But if there was a comparison between the two characters, who do you think would win, and why? Let us know your opinion in the comments.



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