How Will Smith Added $100 Million to His Net Worth With THIS One Movie

How Will Smith Added $100 Million to His Net Worth With THIS One Movie

Will Smith was paid a whopping $ 100 million for one film. The I Am Legend actor amassed a lot of wealth throughout his career. He is undoubtedly one of the richest, highest-paid actors in Hollywood today. Reasonably so, since the variety of roles he has managed to master makes him a rare gem in acting. Not to mention, he, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington became the industry pioneers in representing the Black community.

The versatile actor began his work with the Fresh Prince series and moved on to the big screen, intending to become the world’s biggest star. Over the course of his three-decade-plus career, his net worth only multiplied. Of course, other factors like investments and projects also contributed to his wealth. But it comes as an inspiration to see someone from humble beginnings being paid an astronomical amount for a single project.

Will Smith movie that paid him $100 million for his role

Despite any controversies, Smith remains one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. One of his first breakthrough roles in the cinema was Agent J in Men in Black. The 1997 sci-fi became a major hit wherein Will teamed up with Tommy Lee Jones, who played Agent J’s work partner, Agent K. The Barry Sonnenfeld movie had a mere budget of $90 million and made a box office profit of $589.4 million.


A sequel followed the original in 2002. But Men in Black 3 took the cake. According to a source, the movie star straight-up earned him $100 million. This was out of the movie’s $624 box office profit. His earnings alone from the third part are more than the first part’s budget.

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This was followed by King Richard, which earned him $40 million. A movie based on Serena and Venus William’s father. His upcoming wartime film Emancipation, which was sold to Apple Studio for $120 million, is also the biggest festival acquisitions deal in history. 

Perhaps there should be a Red Table Talk of him and his wife, Jada Smith, discussing how the power couple spends so much money. Would you like to know? Let us know in the comments.


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