“Let me feel it”: When Will Smith Made Ryan Reynolds Channel His Inner Don Johnson on Live TV

“Let me feel it”: When Will Smith Made Ryan Reynolds Channel His Inner Don Johnson on Live TV

There are some stars in Hollywood who make us feel happy with just a smile. Their friendship is so beautiful that makes us crave the same. Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith are such friends, who have worked together as well. Despite different tastes in movies, these two actors share a great bond beyond their great acting skills.

Ryan, Will, and Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared on The Graham Norton Show and talked about many things along with their relationships. Ryan opened up about his teenage days; how he liked a girl and how he tried to impress a girl. The Deadpool tried a trick that ultimately made him look the way he never thought he could. While talking about that experience on the talk show, Will Smith supported Ryan in a unique way.

Will Smith helped Ryan Reynolds to channel all his feelings

As an actor, coming to live talk shows and interviews is a crucial and important part of their lives. Therefore, when the finest superstars of the industry appeared on The Graham Norton Show, they revealed some life events. Their sweet moments became more special when Smith made Ryan channel his inner Don Johnson on the live TV show.

Graham Norton pointed out that there are four happily married couples on the couch. While Graham asked Ryan about the time duration of their marriage, Ryan couldn’t speak the number correctly. However, they all created a light atmosphere. This led Graham to ask Ryan about his days in the past when he wasn’t really smooth about approaching the girls.

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Ryan Reynolds reveals he was obsessed with the girl named Fiona Gorzynski, the first ever girl that he wanted to impress. Fiona wasn’t even on the same bus as him; in fact, it was literally the opposite but he would take that bus just to sit next to her. Ryan would travel for 45 minutes in the wrong direction just to impress her. “I love it. When you’re young, it’s so cute. When you’re older, it’s just stalking,” says the Deadpool star.

But while trying to get her to look at him for the last time, Ryan tries to look at her in Don Johnson’s style. While Ryan was explaining this, Will asked him to hold the look and said,let me feel it. So, Ryan channelized all this Don Johnson energy and gave him the best shot. While it was extremely funny, Ryan shared that as he was getting down the bus, his bag got stuck between the doors, and finally, Fiona looked at him.

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