Is David Harbour’s Gigantic Foot In ‘Stranger Things’ BTS Real? Netflix Clarifies

Is David Harbour’s Gigantic Foot In ‘Stranger Things’ BTS Real? Netflix Clarifies

Jim Hopper has always been the best Cop and dad figure throughout the supernatural series of Stranger Things. People held him in high regard from the moment he stepped in as “The Protector” of Hawkins town. From fighting Demogorgon to keeping Eleven under his care, this man has done everything to save the people around him. And we have no doubt how David Harbour gained global recognition for his role as Jim Hopper in the show.

David has also received two Primetime Emmy Awards for his remarkable contribution to the fiction drama created by Duffer Brothers. And fans are currently going bonkers over a season 4 BTS clip, featuring him posted on YouTube by a fan and it has everything to do with a Big Foot. 

David Harbour is the bigfoot of Stranger Things

Fans are so keen on the details of Stranger Things that they can find a tiny needle lying and mention it to the creators as they always do. Certainly, this revelation about David Harbour from the escape scene of season 4 volume 1 is not surprising. Apparently, one fan noticed Harbour’s gigantic feet while the actor was riding a snowmobile on the snowy sets of season 4. And they started asking whether what they saw was David’s real foot or not. 

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In a recent behind the scene clip shared by the official page of Still Watching Netflix on YouTube, they resolved the mystery of bigfoot. The video showed David doing his practice on a snowmobile, and the focus goes on his foot. The following text can be seen on the screen: 


The actor was wearing fake foot-like shoes during the shoot as we saw Hopper escape barefoot from the Russian prison, breaking his fetters and badly bruised. Since this might have been difficult for Harbour to shoot in freezing weather, the creators gave him these false feet to save him from biting cold. Ingenius, indeed.

Jim Hopper’s time in confinement was the biggest challenge ever

Although Hopper survived the massive blast in season 3, it is revealed that he was captured by the Russian army and sent to a prison, where he was tortured. He even tried to escape that hell place, but Yuri Ismaylov betrayed him. When he was certainly at the end of his hopes when Joyce reaches and saves him. The man finally returns to his city and beloved daughter, Eleven in the final episode of volume 2. 

Barefoot or with foot-like shoes, we are glad our Hopper returned home in Stranger Things season 4. What do you think of realistic feet shoes? Share your thoughts with us.

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