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“I’d hear some Gosling…”- Jeff Sneider Offers Clarity to the Mouthwatering Ryan Gosling Rumours for Marvel’s Phase 6

Ryan Gosling is an incredibly talented actor. The La La Land star is a man of many credits and has starred in countless memorable movies and shows. Over the years, Gosling has given some very iconic performances through his films, such as The Gray Man and Drive. As we all know, the rumors of Gosling making his MCU debut had been making the rounds. And now, there seems to be some update on the actor’s MCU debut.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the biggest film franchises in the world. With some of the biggest superhero films and shows under its belt, a number of renowned actors are a part of the franchise. Furthermore, Marvel fans have been dreaming of seeing Gosling in MCU as well. However, Jeff Sneider recently cleared the air around the actor’s much-awaited first appearance in the franchise.

Is Ryan Gosling to star in Fantastic Four?

As we all know, the MCU is all set to enter its fifth phase, with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania making their way to our screens next month. Meanwhile, with the franchise planning to release reboots of its movies, it seems like the studio also has plans for its first family, a.k.a. Fantastic Four. While the fandom awaits to know more about the movie, rumors of the cast and crew have started making the rounds. Interestingly, even Ryan Gosling is a part of the speculation.

And recently, during his appearance on The Hot Mic Podcast, Jeff Sneider shed some light on Gosling’s MCU debut. The film critic spoke, “Then there’s the rumor of Ryan Gosling playing Sentry in the MCU. I haven’t heard anything like that, obviously. I’d heard some Gosling Fantastic Four stuff…” Marvel previously acquired the rights to Fantastic Four after being a part of FOX for nearly two decades.

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Meanwhile, there is no confirmation from the actor or the studio. Furthermore, there have been no major updates on the Fantastic Four movie either. Even though new actors might be making their MCU appearance with the upcoming film, John Krasinski will no longer reprise his role as Earth 616’s Reed. Not long ago, fans started portraying Henry Cavill as Mr. Fantastic in the AI artwork.

Also, amidst all news of Gosling’s MCU debut, rumors of the Barbie star making his appearance as Sentry was making the rounds too.

Which role do you think Gosling is a perfect fit for? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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