Fans Defend Ryan Gosling as Black Panther Being Shoved Into the Wrong League of Superheroes

Fans Defend Ryan Gosling as Black Panther Being Shoved Into the Wrong League of Superheroes

Ryan Gosling is on fire with his back-to-back big-budget projects. The Canadian-American actor is soon going to be in your nearest theaters with his upcoming film Barbie, starring Australian actress Margot Robbie. And speaking of Australia, he is currently there, busy shooting for his next film, The Fall Guy.


Now imagine being accused of something you never did and receiving a lot of negative attention. Well, something similar seems to be happening with Ryan Gosling, as he is accused of racism, and that too for no reason. But how did he land this accusation?

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When Ryan Gosling was called racist for no reason

Recently, a fan shared a poster that included some of the superheroes, regardless of their respective studios. It included Superman, Spiderman, She-Hulk, Rogue Girl, and Black Panther. The only difference was that instead of the actors who play these superheroes on camera, their faces were replaced by some actors who have been involved in controversies lately.

The poster depicted the Notebook star as Black Panther. One of them also included Henry Cavill‘s ex-girlfriend Gina Carano, who is famous for her role as Cara Dune in Disney+’s The Mandalorian. However, she was removed from the show for her controversial remarks. However, Ryan Gosling’s presence in the poster was totally irrelevant with reference to being called racist.

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One of the major possibilities behind Ryan Gosling’s racist portrayal might be that many fans don’t want him to be the next Black Panther. Some fans cannot accept the idea of a white king, T’Challa, and hence they think that Gosling might not be a good fit. However, it is not the actor’s fault, as he was never officially offered the role.

Just because of some fans’ imagination, the father of two daughters got trolled for no reason. Although, many fans of his came to the rescue as they defended him in the comment section.

As per Variety, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling starrer Barbie will release on July 21 this year, where Ryan is playing the role of Ken.

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