Henry Cavill as Mr. Fantastic? Fan Art Ditches John Krasinski for the Leader of McU’s Most Famous Group

Henry Cavill as Mr. Fantastic? Fan Art Ditches John Krasinski for the Leader of McU’s Most Famous Group

Henry Cavill, the name is not unknown unless one is living under a rock. Amidst all the drama surrounding his exit from The Witcher and DC, Cavill has become the talk of the town. Over the past few months, a number of things have changed for the Enola Holmes star. Cavill has suddenly found himself without two of his most popular roles to date. While Cavill has always been a part of the DC, his exit has now prompted the fans to demand his MCU debut.

Over the years, we saw various rumors of Cavill making his MCU debut making the rounds. Sadly, none of them bore fruit. However, after his DC exit fans have again started campaigning for his entry into the MCU. While there are tons of roles Cavill can take up, one of his fans thinks that the actor is a perfect fit for Mister fantastic.

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Surreal fan art imagines Henry Cavill as the new leader of the Fantastic Four

Previously, Henry Cavill left the DC fandom in shock as he announced his retirement from the role of Superman. However, as Cavill bids farewell to one comic book role, fans have already started imagining him in another comic book role. The latest fan art portrays the Enola Holmes stars as the new leader of The Fantastic Four a.k.a. Reed Richards. Editing Alex Ross’s 2020’s Timeless Variant, the Reddit user replaced Mr. Richards with Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill should be Reed Richards! from marvelstudios

The art shows Cavill with perfectly set gray hair wearing the Fantastic Four suit. Interestingly, John Krasinski, the actor who previously starred as Mister Fanatic will no longer continue with the role, as per CBR. As of late, there is no update on who will step into Mister Fantastic’s shoes. However, considering Cavill’s experience in the comic book role, the actor would be a good addition to the MCU, or so the fans say. The film will premiere worldwide on 14th February 2025.

Meanwhile, fan art has divided the fandom in two. While some fans believe Cavill would be a good replacement for Krasinski, others feel the actor is too huge and muscular. Furthermore, a number of fans are even suggesting new roles for the actor. Apart from Mister Fantastic, there are a number of roles the actor can take up in the MCU. Furthermore, it seems like Cavill taking up the Wolverine role might also be a possibility.

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What role do you wish to see Henry Cavill in? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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