Henry Cavill’s Superman vs Comic Book’s Superman – Who Would Win?

Henry Cavill’s Superman vs Comic Book’s Superman – Who Would Win?

Superman is one of the most popular superheroes whose varied history goes back nearly eight decades. Over the years, we have seen a number of actors who played the character. However, the Henry Cavill version in the DCEU is an amalgam of the character’s different versions. While the movies have always shown Henry Cavill as Clark Kent one of the most powerful there, it seems like the comics have a different Superman who is way superior in both power and strength.

The strength of Cavill’s Superman was extraordinary. Furthermore, Clark Kent has always been an unbeaten character in the DCEU as well. However, in the comics, Clark Kent no longer dons the Kryptonian suit. Rather his son, Jon Kent holds the Superman cape, and certain fans believe that the comic book version is much more powerful than Cavill’s Superman.

Is the Comic book Superman much stronger than Henry Cavill’s version?

It all started when the Nightwing Annual 2022 featured a scene where Clark Kent is training Jon Kent. Jon punches a training doll with a FOURTH of his strength. Jon sends the doll into the decaying orbit with his punch and this is where the madness begins. As per fans, Jon is much more powerful than Clark and they even have some mathematical backing for it. Screenrant calculations show that sending the doll to that distance would require nearly 3.29 x 107 (32,900,000) joules. Meanwhile, the doll weighs around 122.47 kg.

So to send a doll to such a distance, it would nearly require 4.02926 × 109 (4,029,260,000) joules of energy to achieve that strength. Considering that is just a fourth of Jon’s strength, the numbers are mind-blowing. While the calculations are rough, they do give the fans an idea of how powerful Jon Kent as Superman actually is. Thus, owing to all these technical calculations fans believe that Jon is much more powerful than Clark Kent.

Even though Clark Kent shows the features of infinite force, it surely has a limit. While there is no possible way to draw results to Cavill’s Superman VS. the comic book’s Superman, the numbers surely give Jon Kent an edge.

How Jon Kent can be a good addition to the DCEU?

Now that Cavill has bid farewell to the role along with many other renowned actors, James Gunn can surely make use of Jon Kent. As Gunn attempts to rebuild the DCEU entirely, Jon Kent would be a good alternative to give the franchise a new direction to head into.

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