Is James Gunn Really the Culprit for Henry Cavill’s Exit or Zack Snyder Ruined the Superman?

Is James Gunn Really the Culprit for Henry Cavill’s Exit or Zack Snyder Ruined the Superman?

Not long ago, the announcement of the cancelation of Man of Steel 2 started a Twitter tirade that wanted James Gunn out of the frame. The fandom called out the new CEO of DC Studios for shelving their favorite incarnation of Superman, Henry Cavill. He faced much backlash and disrespectful outcry from moviegoers who didn’t like new plans to recreate the whole DC Comics canon since it resulted in trashing all the famous films of the past decade, including Wonder Woman 3 and Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson’s film certainly served as a respite to the longing fans of Superman when they got a glimpse of this handsome portrayer. Alas! all that patience and hopes of a possible future ended after the British actor said goodbye to his most beloved character. Fans clearly couldn’t digest that the new bosses severed all ties with him only five weeks after his appearance in Black Adam. But Is Gunn really the culprit for Cavill’s exit, or did Zack Snyder ruin Superman?

Zack Snyder poisoned the future of Henry Cavill as Superman 

Fans have long been blaming James Gunn for throwing Henry Cavill out of DC Universe. However, according to the latest information by CBR, it was Zack Snyder who sealed his opportunity to become Superman. His controversial Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left former DCEU chaotic.

Not to forget, the comeback of Enola Holmes 2 star has long been halted, even before Gunn came on board. The unsatisfactory performance of the Snyder movies at the Box Office made Warner Bros take a step back. DC Universe was completely bungled up after the filmmaker tried to show Superman in a new way. The Justice League director depicted the character somewhat opposite from the Pollyanna version in previous films.

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Unfortunately, his new ideas and ability to deconstruct mythology turned out to be a weakness concerning Superman. Zack Snyder might see his superheroes as faultless figures full of optimism, but it certainly didn’t go well for Man of SteelTherefore, it is now the painful truth that Henry Cavill won’t be returning as a superhero.

Meanwhile, as per the announcement made by James Gunn, fans can expect to see a younger version of Superman. Now it looks like that under this reimagined DC Universe, the future of the Synderverse has officially ended as they are trying to build a cohesive, connected universe.

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What do you think? Will James Gunn be able to gain the confidence of DC fans? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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