Henry Cavill Over Hugh Jackman? Fans Put Forward a Crazy Casting Idea Amidst the Wolverine Buildup for Deadpool 3

Henry Cavill Over Hugh Jackman? Fans Put Forward a Crazy Casting Idea Amidst the Wolverine Buildup for Deadpool 3

Fans had a sliver of hope last year when Henry Cavill showed up as Superman in Black Adam amidst countless rumors of things not working out between him and Warner Bros. However, now that it’s confirmed that the actor is leaving DC for good, fans are coming up with characters that the Brit can play. One of the characters includes Wolverine. Yes, the very one that Hugh Jackman has immortalized

This is not the first time that the actor’s fans have pitched him for various roles. Fans had previously opined that he could play Sentry or even Captain Britain. However, it’s wild to consider him as Wolverine when the character is set to return to Deadpool 3!

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Can Henry Cavill be a better Wolverine than Hugh Jackman? 

It’s hard to imagine Henry Cavill raging with his claws out when we are so used to seeing him with a cool demeanor sporting a red cap. But fans think he is a good contender for the character when Hugh Jackman retires. The British star does have the acting chops and fits the physical requirements of the mutant character. He can surely step into Jackman’s shoes and take the character forward. 


While it’s canonically impossible because Logan died, it can still work as a reboot. If Marvel can make it work for Deadpool 3, it can surely figure it out if they want Cavill. Technically, the Australian actor retracted his claws in 2017’s Logan. But Ryan Reynolds and his pitch for Deadpool 3 proved too irresistible for Jackman, who just had to get on board. While the actors have not divulged much information about the threequel yet, Jackman has teased that Logan cannot stand Wade. In fact, he wished to stay a million miles away from Wade, but unfortunately, that is not going to happen. 

The anticipation for the sequel is through the roof. After X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the characters will be on the screen again. The Prisoners star is to undergo a 6 months long grueling fitness regime to get in shape for the role after his Broadway stint.

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Are you on board with Cavill replacing Jackman as Wolverine? Let us know in the comments. 

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