Fans Prepare to Welcome Ryan Gosling in MCU as Sentry Anticipation Spread Like Wildfire

Fans Prepare to Welcome Ryan Gosling in MCU as Sentry Anticipation Spread Like Wildfire

Ryan Gosling is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today. From being an established actor to making songs for his films, the La La Land star is a man of many credits. It has been a while since Gosling last made his way to our screens with The Gray Man. While there is a lot of hype surrounding Gosling’s upcoming project Barbie, is the actor also making his MCU debut?

Over the past few years, Marvel Cinematic Universe has cemented itself as one of the biggest film franchises in the world. MCU has a plethora of hit superhero films and shows under its belt. Furthermore, a number of top Hollywood actors, including Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, are a part of the franchise. So is Ryan Gosling also joining the bandwagon?

Is Ryan Gosling going to make his much-awaited Marvel debut?

The rumor surrounding Gosling‘s much-awaited MCU debut has been making the rounds for quite some time now. And recently, a tweet from a Marvel leaks and updates page, Can We Get Some Toast on Twitter, has added fuel to the fire. As per the fans, the tweet is a cryptic post by the page hinting towards Gosling’s MCU debut.

Previously, rumors of the MCU eying on an actor between the age of 30-50 years were making the rounds. Apparently, chances are the studio might cast Gosling in the role of villain Sentry. Despite the fact that Gosling is 42 years old, it did not stop the fans from hyping the Canadian star for the role. However, some others have different roles in their mind, such as Gosling for Ghostrider.


Sentry is often described as an evil calling of Superman and is a major villain in the Marvel universe. If the rumors are true, the Barbie star will star as the villain in Marvel’s upcoming project in 2024, Thunderbolts. Furthermore, the same was confirmed by industry insider Daniel Richtman on his Patreon account.

However, this is not the first time the fans have cast Gosling in an MCU role. Previously, fan art depicted the Drive actor as the Marvel character Nova.

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Meanwhile, there is no confirmation about Gosling’s debut in MCU. Neither the actor nor the studio has shed any light on the topic. For now, Gosling fans can look forward to the Canadian actor’s upcoming movie Barbie alongside Margot Robbie.

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