“I was only doing…”: Jamie Campbell Confirms He Made Millie Bobby Brown Cry on the Set of ‘Stranger Things’ 4

“I was only doing…”: Jamie Campbell Confirms He Made Millie Bobby Brown Cry on the Set of ‘Stranger Things’ 4

While everybody is talking about Stranger Things season 4, we still have so much more to talk about. Fans are thrilled about the interviews the cast members have been doing. We get to know so much information about the process of making the show and the characters as well. Recently, one such news came out about Millie Bobby Brown.

Jamie Campbell made Millie Bobby Brown cry on set!

As much surprising as it sounds, it is true. Recently, at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Jamie Campbell talked about how welcoming everybody was to him when he joined the cast. He said that he enjoyed working with the crew and cast on the set of Stranger Things.

When the interviewer asked him about the incident where Jamie made Millie cry on set, he confirmed the news to be true. He did make Millie cry. We knew that people on set could make Millie laugh, even angry, too (if you know what is implicated here!) Who knew that someone could make Millie Bobby Brown cry? But Jamie also clarifies and added that he was “not doing anything other than I was told to do.” He doesn’t talk deeply about the whole incident but admits that he looked so scary that it made Millie cry on set.

Is Jamie suggesting something?

Well, Jamie said that he was told to make Millie cry. Is it possible that this was to bring out certain depth from the character in the scene? The interviewer says that he just had to be scary; he was in character. Jamie agrees and shares his perception of Millie. He says, “As an actor and as a person, she’s very receptive and open. So, anything that is slightly spooky and scary is gonna affect her quite dramatically. That’s why she’s so good at what she does.”

Millie is open and sensitive, that is for sure. We know her sensitive side when she talked about her going to the therapy and how her character still needs to go to the therapy.

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Intentionally or not, we just hope that Millie was fine and whoever told Jamie to scare her off, got whatever they wanted. All-in-all, we can totally see the off-set bonding of the cast members reflecting on the screen.

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