Millie Bobby Brown Doesn’t “need to go to therapy anymore”, but Her ‘Stranger Things’ Character Eleven Does

Millie Bobby Brown Doesn’t “need to go to therapy anymore”, but Her ‘Stranger Things’ Character Eleven Does

In real life, we constantly face so many difficulties which lead to a mental breakdown at a point. So, imagine someone who is at a tender age and has to justify an intense character! How difficult that must have been for that person? When it comes to Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown is someone who has had her fare share of attention and pressure. She has been paying emotionally and psychologically challenged character since she was just a child. Do you think she faced any such problems or breakdowns? Let’s find out.

Millie Bobby Brown went to the therapy?

Millie was only 11 years old when she first played the role of Eleven. Eleven is traumatized and has gone through so much. Being isolated as a kid who has superpowers is more difficult to express than it seems. Millie has been playing this intense role for a long period and unsurprisingly it has had a toll on her.

Throughout the 3 seasons, we can see Millie playing a very intense and challenging role as Eleven. Playing a character for a certain amount of time makes it hard for the actor to get detached from it. This is a psychological process and one of the acting techniques where the actor tries to think that he/she is that character. So, while playing psychologically challenged roles, most actors do so or while playing the character, they sympathize with the character and subconsciously believe that the character is themselves.

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Thus, one way or the other, the reel life character might have affected Millie in her real life. She admitted the same at the premiere that her character of Eleven challenged her somewhere in her life. While her comment “Don’t need to go to therapy anymore” was her humorous reply for finally being able to talk about the upcoming show, it wouldn’t be surprising if the actress actually needed therapy to cope with the sudden fame and attention along with a character like Eleven.

But Millie is not the only person who needed (or needs) therapy.

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Millie feels Eleven needs a therapist

At the recent worldwide premiere of the Netflix Original, Millie was asked who she thinks needs therapy more: Vecna or Eleven. The Enola Holmes actresses answered Eleven without any hesitation. “Yeah, I think she needs to dig deep into those traumas,” added Millie.

Her answer doesn’t come as surprise because Eleven has been through a lot since episode one. She grew up isolated from the world and then suddenly thrust into it. Then there is all the physical, emotional, and mental abuse she has been through since a very young age. And in the three seasons of Stranger Things, we haven’t quite seen her face these problems and work through them. Season 4, however, will be a change in that sense.

As per Millie, the upcoming season will see Eleven digging deeper into the traumas that haunt her still. With Mike at a distance and supernatural stuff no longer hogging her attention, she finally will have time for some self-reflection.

So what do you think would happen with Eleven in this season? Comment below your theories.

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