“I never thought my life would be that awesome!” – Looking Back At All the Things Meghan Markle Ever Said About Her Breakout Series, ‘Suits’

“I never thought my life would be that awesome!” – Looking Back At All the Things Meghan Markle Ever Said About Her Breakout Series, ‘Suits’

The past acting profession of Meghan Markle is considerably problematic for the Duchess in regard to the Royals. However, Markle herself is total of the opposite opinion of the same. As per her, being a successful actress not only helped her build her foundation but also gave the former star some of the best moments of her life. 

Markle’s most notable role in her career would be in the US network series, Suits. The now Duchess played the role of a paralegal, earning her all glory and fame. In fact, she was also bestowed with the coveted title of being the most searched actress of the year 2016. Here is what Markle has confessed time and again about her experience in the industry, especially as Rachel Zane. 

Reminiscing the glorious past with Meghan Markle

Ever since she got her most celebrated character in 2011, Markle has been continuously expressing her gratitude for the same. Speaking in an interview just two years after she got the role, the Suits actress said, “I see Rachel as such a good friend.” Later, talking about how easily she got along with her character, Markle confessed, “when you play a character you love, it’s so much easier.” 

Having completed her double majors in theatres and international relationships, the Suits alumni could easily relate with the legal life of Rachel. She also gushed about her partner in the show who was Patrick J Adams’ Mike Rose. Markle explained how their dynamics catalyzed the popularity of the show. “He’s the rough-around-the-edges guy, I’m the polished girl, and there’s that, ‘Will they ever be together?’ tension,” she once remarked. 

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In the same year once again, Markle expressed her joy to be a part of such a team. When Esquire Magazine got the chance to interview her, she said, “I feel so fortunate because as an actor you spend so much time just trying to get a job”. Fast forward to 2015, the now Duchess once confessed at Glamour’s saying, “Suits became my education of designers over the years.

The successful trajectory of Markle’s career

2016 was when Meghan Markle’s career reached the pinnacle of its success. After having achieved the title by Google, Markle expressed her amazement to Create and Cultivate founder Jaclyn Johnson via Entertainment Tonight. She exclaimed, “Suits is not what I ever thought, I never thought my life would be that awesome!”

Although she has mostly drawn parallels between herself and Rachel, she once spotted a difference between them too. Talking about the same with Ebony, Markle said, “People see me in $5000 Tom Ford Skirts, but that’s not what I have in my closet at home.” Elaborating further she said she never wanted to distance herself from reality. This was one year prior to 2017 when the former star bid farewell to her acting career. 

In 2017, she took pride in having done what she wanted with her career. Although she had to give up on it to adjust to British tabloids, Markle saw it just as a change. Choosing to exit from the industry for her now husband, Prince Harry, Markle said, “I’ve ticked this box, and I feel very proud of the work I’ve done there, and now it’s time to work with Harry as a team.

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Ever since then, the couple has been through thick and thin together. Although life kept taking a severe toll on them, the couple managed to keep all of it at bay and shifted to the US. They are currently based in California raising their children and living quite a life. 

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