“British tabloids will destroy your life” – When Meghan Markle Revealed How Her Friends Shared a Piece of Advice

“British tabloids will destroy your life” – When Meghan Markle Revealed How Her Friends Shared a Piece of Advice

Meghan Markle and her by far tumultuous journey in the Royal Palace has been a never-ending controversy. The Duchess, after having given up on royalty, has found herself in the center of all hate remarks and backlashes for taking such a step. There had been various rumors and stories about what was happening inside the walls of the Palace. Here is a segment about the same from Meghan herself. 

A couple of years ago, in an interview with ITV, the ex-royal opened up about some in-depth gospels that she had to face. Keeping aside the rumored racism and the problem with her being a “working royal”, here is something different that Meghan said that day. So what did she hint at? 

Meghan Markle on the heads-up her friends gave her back in the days

The host staged a couple of questions before the Duchess. At first, it was quite visible that she was genuinely hesitating to take the question. However, she gave it a go. The first word she could find anything nearer to what she was facing was “hard to reconcile”. “It’s hard,” said the former actress, confessing that she had “no idea” of what was going to happen. 

Remembering her friends, who had long ago warned her about the same she confessed how everyone but her saw it coming. Markle affirmed, “My British friends said ‘don’t do it, the British tabloids will destroy your life.” Admitting the fact she expressed how naively she ignored the piece of advice that cost her a bit too expensive. After some more discussions about the said matter, once-royal-princess finally concluded in a deplorable state, saying, “It’s not just enough to survive, you need to thrive and be happy.” 

According to the Duchess, she had tried and given a lot of effort to “adopt the British sensibility of a stiff upper lip.” However, what it did to her internally was probably damaging. As per her words, the now 41-year-old had no expectations that a marriage life at royalty would be easy, but she just wanted it to be fair. 

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Despite not getting any of it, Meghan has resorted to taking each day as it comes. The former star, along with her husband, Prince Harry, and baby Archie and Lilibet, is now based in California, USA. According to recent reports, the pair have been living quite a life after giving up their responsibilities towards their UK sovereigns. 

What do you think about Meghan’s friends’ advice?

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    October 19, 2022 at 1:57 am

    She was hardly naïve. She knew exactly what she was doing. She had planned this for many years and destroyed many lives as she used and abused them to get exactly what she wanted. Almost…..she wants to be the Queen. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Look out King Charles and William..

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