How Meghan Markle Scored THIS Coveted Title in The Entertainment World Years Before Becoming A Part of The Royal Family

How Meghan Markle Scored THIS Coveted Title in The Entertainment World Years Before Becoming A Part of The Royal Family

Meghan Markle is known for a myriad of her strengths and abilities. Even before being crowned as a Princess, Meghan was no ordinary woman. Unfortunately, most of her movies and shows did not make it through the cut. However, the former American star bagged one of the most celebrated titles in the lifetime of her acting career. The US networking TV show, Suits, fetched the star tremendous success, after which her identity altered into a whole different person. But did you know what it was?

Best known as Rachel Zane, Markle sealed a coveted title for herself in Hollywood. Although there were quite major competitors in her way, the then 35-year-old star managed to make her way to the top. Just a couple of years prior to her dream engagement with Britain’s Prince, her career as an actress soared with this title. 

2016 saw Meghan Markle reach the pinnacle of her acting career 

Keeping in view of her then-upcoming wedding with the Prince, Elle magazine took the honor of declaring the Duchess as the most Googled actress of 2016. Other Hollywood A-listers such as Brad Pitt and Beyoncé also swept some. Brad took the place of most celebrity splits, and Beyoncé was the most searched musician.

Markle, who did not see much light prior to this, was suddenly the household name for every American. Surpassing other top-tier personalities like Marion Cotillard and Daisy Ridley, Meghan came ahead as a rising star at the pinnacle of her career. Her Suits‘ character had a deeper role in her life than anyone could have imagined when the show first aired in 2011. Markle has previously opened up about the same in a slew of various interviews. 

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However, her career in the acting profession was short-lived. Soon after the Palace confirmed Meghan and Harry’s relationship, the latter had to give up on her job. This also became a huge controversy as working Royals always go through a tough time in the Kingdom. Nevertheless, after all the never-ending feuds and fiascos, the former working royal is currently based in California. She has given up on royalty with her husband, Prince Harry, and is raising their children.

With the controversies surrounding her constantly, do you think Markle is still one of the most searched on Google? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

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