“Trying to take the bull by its horn”- How Meghan Markle Connects with Her ‘Suits’ Character Rachel

“Trying to take the bull by its horn”- How Meghan Markle Connects with Her ‘Suits’ Character Rachel

Sometimes, actors have to play characters that are so different from their own. However, every once in a while, they come across roles that they connect with or are similar to. Former working royal and actress Meghan Markle had a similar experience with her Suits character, Rachel Zane, a smart paralegal at Pearson Hardmon. Markle once talked about the connection she shares in a 2013 interview.

In a full-stretched interview with Marie Claire, the Duchess of Sussex gave a brief insight into her career as a whole. Starting from how she made it into the film industry to how her own character became her biggest source of inspiration, she spilled it all. American drama Suits is considered being a breakthrough for Meghan Markle in her acting profession. Here is how she drew parallels between Rachel’s (her Suits‘ character) personality and her own.

Meghan Markle, on her favorite movie character, Rachel Zane

After having talked about Rachel’s aspirations in the series, the host asked her two cents on the character’s style and personality. Answering this, Meghan Markle listed the similarities between the two of them. “Rachel and I are very similar: ambitious, driven, and always trying to take the bull by its horns,” she affirmed. In fact, she further explained that when we play a character we love, it is always more convenient for us. “I’m almost like a fan,” Meghan exclaimed. 

Throwing light on the way she inherited many valuable virtues from her character, the Duchess said, “Rachel was the ultimate best friend who has a closet that I always borrow things from in my personal life.” Later in the interview, it was revealed that Meghan loved the intelligence that was written to Rachel. According to her own words, although she got the pretty girl character to play, it was more about her intellectuals that meant a lot to Meghan. 

Later in the interview, they talked at length about all of Markle’s non-work hobbies and her dressing sense. 

Years after this interview, Markle married into the royal family in 2018 and stepped down from her duties along with her husband, Prince Harry, in 2020. At present, the couple is based out of California and share two kids, Archie and Lilibet, and they have signed a deal with Netflix and Spotify for a documentary and podcast, respectively.

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Have you watched the Suits yet? If yes, what have you acquired from Meghan’s character? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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