“I don’t ever want to go back”: When Young Millie Bobby Brown Talked About How She Feels About School

“I don’t ever want to go back”: When Young Millie Bobby Brown Talked About How She Feels About School

The cast of highly anticipated Stranger Things started their journey when they all were very young. Viewers have seen them all growing up right before their eyes and the remarkable milestones they have achieved. Many of them, including Millie Bobby Brown, have graduated from High School and started finding their way to college. Well, none of us can imagine how they made it possible to shoot and study at the same time.

Brown, who is the main face of the series, has always been asked the question of how she manages to be this queen and do her homework too. In one of her interviews, she revealed how she feels about school and all these things in her life. As we all know that the actress is getting busy with her career as the days pass.

Millie Bobby Brown never liked going to school when she was young

The Emmy-nominated star Millie Bobby Brown is becoming the young face of talent in Hollywood. Undoubtedly, she has given everything to her career from the moment she was featured as Eleven in Stranger Things. In 2017, following the release of season 2, Millie sat down with Philip and Holly on This Morning to talk about the Netflix show.

During the conversation, she was asked how she continues to be a normal teenager when she is so busy with work. At that time, she was also doing Godzilla and Stranger Things so she might have been quite occupied.

“I have experienced school already and I know that I don’t ever want to go back,” replied Millie.

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Moreover, she added that she has a lot of friends, and she gets to live those moments with them. Moreover, she has to do schoolwork so she definitely isn’t missing these days out. Millie Bobby Brown has been homeschooled for five years not only because of her career.

She has been bullied at her school and had to switch schools even though she was a bright kid. Therefore, she finds homeschooling to be the best option, with her career taking the ladder of success.

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Currently, the 18-year-old actress is pursuing her college Purdue University studying human services. She takes online classes as she has got a lot of stuff to do. What do you think about this lovely actress trying to make a difference in society while making her career a success? Comment below.

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