“We’re in the pitch black”: When Millie Bobby Brown Talked About How She Spent an Entire Hour With Noah Schnapp Inside a Car

“We’re in the pitch black”: When Millie Bobby Brown Talked About How She Spent an Entire Hour With Noah Schnapp Inside a Car

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have been friends for over 7 years now. While filming Stranger Things in 2016, Noah was 10 and Millie was 12. Over the years, their relationship has grown and flowered, but it has remained just as solid. They both claimed to be best friends and said that they would get married without having children if they were to become single in their 40s.

Before the release of season 4 of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown did an interview in March. It was for MTV News. In a brief part of that interview, Millie was questioned about her friendship with Noah (obviously). She shared a memory from the past in that interview. Let’s see what it is.

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Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp’s friendship: Then vs Now

At one point in the video, Millie talks about how she appeared in one of Noah’s dance TikToks. She also talked about how much she loves dancing but hates TikTok. Further proceeding, the host asked her about their “pop culture” bond given that they’ve known each other for a few years now. He asked her what these guys bond over now versus when they first met.

In response to that, Millie mentioned an incident from when they were very young. She told that she and Noah were very much into sleepovers and scary movies. They also used to make movies on their ipads. Now, it has become more “cool”. Mille said, “We’re cool kids now.” She keeps mentioning how amazing Noah is and how she loves talking to him.

One of the funniest incidents she mentions is that once Noah came to her house after and she said to him, “Let me show you my car.” To everybody’s surprise, they went outside and sat in Millie’s car for an hour. Moreover, they did nothing but catch up. Millie mentions that the car was “pitch black” and they were sitting inside it. She had her flashlight on and they talked about everything and caught up. Millie said, “It was so nice to be able to talk to someone that knows my position because they’re in the same.”

It’s so nice to see Millie and Noah have such a fun relationship and extra strong bonding with each other. We hope you also have the same with someone. Who else do you think has better bonding than these two, let us know in the comments.

And, watch these two vibing together onscreen in Stranger Things. 

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