“People can really not take you seriously”: When Millie Bobby Brown Addressed How Difficult It Is to Express Herself

“People can really not take you seriously”: When Millie Bobby Brown Addressed How Difficult It Is to Express Herself

Being a teenager, you can be a victim of age-shaming at your workplace. There are people who don’t take teenagers and young adults seriously and have the tendency to dismiss their thoughts and decisions by terming them as childish. This is not something that is only limited to ordinary teenagers. Young sensation Millie Bobby Brown also goes through it on a daily basis in the entertainment industry. 

Despite being just 18 years old, Millie has established herself as a bonafide star with movies and shows like Enola Holmes and Stranger Things under her belt. The British actor also stepped in the shoes of the producer for Enola Holmes. Meanwhile, she kick-started her journey as an entrepreneur a few years back by launching her beauty brand, Florence by Mills. Despite such enormous achievements, at a tender age, Millie Bobby Brown struggles to express herself properly or be taken seriously.

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Brown explains her hardships as a child artist 

The actor was involved in a candid conversation with Glamour Magazine in 2019, where she spoke at length about how it is difficult for her to put forth her suggestions. Millie Bobby Brown explained how people in the industry don’t take her seriously due to her age. The Stranger Things actor also revealed how she struggled to be seen as an equal on the set

“I don’t just mean the fact that sometimes it’s just so difficult to be a girl, but not just that it’s difficult to be young. I mean, people can really not take you seriously, especially in this industry. It’s very difficult to get your point across. I would say it’s scary for me to express myself at times,” Millie was quoted as saying on the Glamour Magazine YouTube channel. 

What empowered Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown explained how turning producer for the movie Enola Holmes empowered her in the industry. Being the producer, the 18-year-old felt respected on the set as people treated her as an equal. The actor also added how her association with UNICEF is helping her to express her thoughts freely.

She hailed the organization for giving a platform to all young people like her to make a change in the world. Notably, it was in 2018 that she was appointed as UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill Ambassador. 

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