How a Girl With Cancer Shaped Millie Bobby Brown as a Person

How a Girl With Cancer Shaped Millie Bobby Brown as a Person

One of the youngest acting sensations, Millie Bobby Brown has an entrepreneur side to her as well. Famous for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, Brown launched her own beauty brand, Florence by Mills in 2019. The cosmetic brand caters to the needs of young girls and women with its clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products. While you might be already aware of the renowned beauty brand, do you know the connection between Florence by Mills and Olivia Hope Foundation

The company makes a special product called Love Liv Eyeshadow Palette, which offers five shades of soft, creamy, and wearable shadows. The unique thing about this product is that $75,000 of its proceeds is donated to Olivia Foundation, which works towards finding a cure for childhood cancer. If you are curious to know the connection between Millie Bobby Brown and Olivia, just scroll down.

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What made Millie Bobby Brown grateful for everything she has in life?

Olivia Hope LoRusso was Millie’s closest friend who passed away a few years back in 2017 due to cancer. Though Olivia and Millie Bobby Brown were together for a short span of time, she taught the actress a lesson for a lifetime. The 18-year-old revealed that her friend’s death enlightened her to be grateful for everything she has in her life. 

Speaking to the Glamour Magazine YouTube channel, Millie mentioned, “I think that’s probably one of the biggest things that shaped me as a person. It genuinely made me look around and be grateful for everything I have. It made me grateful for not only my family but life itself, being young and really embracing everything you’ve got in this current moment. And then also trying to help other people.”

Brown reveals the details of her meeting with Olivia

In the same interview, the Stranger Things actor recalled her meeting with Olivia and her family. Millie Bobby Brown and Olivia Hope LoRusso were just acquaintances in the beginning, but they soon started talking every day to become best friends. Olivia’s death was a major setback for the actress

Nonetheless, she still shares a close camaraderie with Olivia’s family, including her sisters and twin sister. The product Love Liv Eyeshadow Palette was launched in memory of Millie Bobby Brown’s best friend.

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