“I actually didn’t know…”- Billie Eilish Once Told How She Could Not Recognize Taylor Swift on One of Her Favorite Songs

“I actually didn’t know…”- Billie Eilish Once Told How She Could Not Recognize Taylor Swift on One of Her Favorite Songs

Billie Eilish is one of the most influential artists of our generation. In recent times, Billie’s prominence in the music industry has rose sharply. She enjoys a massive fan following worldwide, but she is a fan of Justin Bieber AKA a die-hard Belieber. Time and again, she has expressed her love for Justin’s songs. However, do you know that the Lovely singer is also a massive Taylor Swift fan? As strange as it sounds, one of Billie’s favorite childhood songs was sung by Taylor Swift, but the former didn’t know it until now.


Every now and then, Billie and Taylor have appreciated each other for their work. The two share a mutual admiration for each other. Taylor started her career way before Billie, so no doubt she grew up hearing a lot of songs sung by the Lover singer. And the Bad Guy singer once revealed her favorite childhood song and how she did not know it was Taylor’s. But what was that song? Let us find out.

Billie Eilish did not know her favorite song was by Taylor Swift until now

Taylor Swift is an influential artist. With a career spanning over a decade, Swift has influenced tons of individuals worldwide. Previously, even Billie Eilish admitted her love for the You Belong With Me singer. On one of the episodes of her podcast, ‘Me & Dad Radio’ which the Lovely hitmaker runs with her father, Patrick O’Connell, the singer talked about one of her favorite song from her childhood, “Picture To Burn”, a song from Taylor Swift’s debut album.

As Billie expressed how much she was fond of the song, she even mentioned that she had no idea that it was Taylor’s song. The Grammy winning singer revealed: “I used to love this song when I was like 4, no, probably older than that. Probably like 6. I actually didn’t know it was Taylor Swift until this year.”

Eilish added how she did not know what Picture To Burn was about and hilariously admitted that she felt Taylor was talking about burning a CD. Elsewhere in the episode, the Bad Guy singer even said that she loved how country the song was.

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Recently, Taylor Swift released her latest album, Midnights, while is fresh off her Happier Than Ever tour and reportedly has a new beau.

Have you listened to Swift’s Picture to Burn? Do you like it like Eilish does? Let us know in the comments below.

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