How a Tweet Led to Mason Alexander Park Becoming the Desire of the Endless on ‘The Sandman’

How a Tweet Led to Mason Alexander Park Becoming the Desire of the Endless on ‘The Sandman’

Mason Alexander Park has rocked it by playing Desire in The Sandman. One of the seven eternal creatures known as the Endless is portrayed by non-binary actor Park. These characters represent different aspects of life in the show. The yearnings of humans, whether sexual or otherwise, are ruled by desire. Desire, again, is also non-binary and has a very alluring physical appearance. Desire has, however, made a few appearances in the first season of the show.

Despite that, they have a significant influence as both an enemy who enjoys manipulating people and the sibling of the protagonist, Tom Sturridge’s Dream. The Sandman’s co-creator Neil Gaiman revealed to fans where Desire’s odd route to landing the part of Mason Alexander Park, who plays them, started. Gaiman recently revisited his old tweet and retweeted it. This Tweet tells the story of how Mason Alexander Park was cast in the show.

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It began with a Tweet…

Gaiman posted an image of a tweet he did in October 2020 thinking about the start of the TV show based on his monumental comic book series. The tweet he posted includes Park’s reply with it. It started when Park tweeted, “Will Desire be making an appearance S1? And if so, please tell me you haven’t found them yet/are still auditioning.”

Gaiman claims that this discussion eventually resulted in the casting of Park in The Sandman. Here’s the Tweet that landed Park their role in the show.

In an interview, Park told that they were a huge fan of “The Sandman” comic books. When they came to know that the comic is being adapted into a show, they got very excited. They were shooting for another film while the news came. They said, “I was very delirious at 4 in the morning in New Zealand, losing my mind in quarantine because they took everything very seriously, and I was like, ‘You know what? I think I’m gonna tweet at Neil and see if Desire’s been cast yet.'” 

It was very courageous of Park to ask for a role from the front. They own their success in every way. Let’s now see how this conversation was reignited.

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Mason Alexander Park got the role themself

So now you know the story, it’s time to tell you more about Gaiman’s revisit to his old Tweet. He recently retweeted his old Tweet where Park approached him. Check out his reply to this old thread.

This is such a mesmerizing story of an actor who got cast. Looks like being a fanboy truly helps you land legendary roles for which you’ll be remembered forever. Do you like Mason Alexander Park as Desire or do you think someone else could’ve replaced them? Let us know in the comments and if you want to land one such role, keep tweeting!

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