This Hilarious ‘The Sandman’ X ‘Selling Sunset’ Tweet Will Leave You Rolling on The Floor

This Hilarious ‘The Sandman’ X ‘Selling Sunset’ Tweet Will Leave You Rolling on The Floor

Netflix has brought the world of dreams to our screens in the name of The Sandman. An adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s illustrious creation, the series certainly nails down the dark materials and creates a spectacular, otherworldly landscape. What makes it different from all the other fantasies is how beautifully they have crafted every detail. The set, the costumes, and all those eminent elements of mise en scene are so enticingly interwoven that fans couldn’t help but dwell in the world of the Endless. And Morpheus’ magical castle is no exception.

Located high in the mountains, the castle is a rather fairytale-like residence of the lord of dreams. From the library to a store and all the other rooms, the portrayal is so grand that Netflix’s brokerage series, Selling Sunset, ought to take inspiration from it. In case you aren’t aware, the real-estate show sees elite brokers selling dream homes and a luxurious lifestyle to their affluent buyers. And although we have come across some of the most elegant villas over five seasons, there has been nothing as grand as Dream’s castle. It seems like Netflix rightly pointed it out, giving fans a loud guffaw.

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In picture: ‘The Sandman’ castle giving some real inspiration to ‘Selling Sunset’

If you are a real Selling Sunset fan and have a rent-free image of that 75-million-dollar house, you might want to reconsider it. Situated on North Beverly Hills Drive, it might have all the amenities you would dream of, but it still is nothing close to Morpheus’ castle. Although spread over an acre with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, we are sure it could not change its shape per your mood! And what’s even the worth if it does not look like some 17th-century palace with all those antiques and turrets at the top? Guess what? Netflix expected something like his castle from the brokers of the reality show.

If your thoughts align with Netflix, you might as well get the unicorns free with Morpheus’ castle and even frolic with the very handsome king of dreamland himself. If you manage to impress him, he might also make you immortal. However, do take care. One wrong decision, and the Nada inside you will forever be banished to hell!

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So what are your thoughts about it? Would you want the Dream castle, or would you rather settle for the house Davina Potratz is offering you?


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