Here’s Why Millie Bobby Brown Did Not Cut Her Hair For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Here’s Why Millie Bobby Brown Did Not Cut Her Hair For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven has been famous for her signature look from the beginning when she said goodbye to her hair to become the experiment kid of Hawkins National Lab. She was the main face of the show and had to do it to completely dissolve into the character. Meanwhile, her long and shiny hair grew back in season 4 as we saw Millie flaunting her hair on the season 4 premiere.

She colored her hair blonde and looked absolutely stunning in a new look. But once again in season 4, we saw Eleven’s shorn head after she meets Papa in the Nevada desert. Did Brown cut her beautiful locks this time also? Or did she choose to wear a wig instead for her play role? Keep reading to know everything about her look in season 4.

Millie Bobby Brown did not shave her head in Stranger Things season 4

The Things Celebrity shared a makeover clip on YouTube captioned: “Why Millie Bobby Brown refuses to shave her head again”. Since her tiny hairstyle has been the identifying characteristic of Eleven’s personality from season 1, she needed to get it back in the culminating season of Stranger Things. Season 4 was taking back us to the past life of Eleven and all the kids of the lab had that hairstyle.

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In the YouTube shorts, it was stated that the actress did not cut her hair in the new season because she has other projects upcoming later. Moreover, the show hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul stated that they used a wig to cover her hair. They wrapped her hair tightly so that the head shape looks natural. They wet her hair and wrapped it in an elastic material.

Subsequently, they would leave it for 15 minutes to dry under the heat. The whole task was challenging as her scalp needed to be seen under the hair. So, they used silk threads to make it look like natural skin. Stranger Things hairstyle has always been a talk of the town whether it’s Noah Schnapp or Millie Bobby Brown.

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Fans flooded the internet with Will Byers’s forever bowl cut that everyone has been seeing from season 1. However, Millie did get her hair changed in seasons 2 and 3. How would you like if Brown and Schnapp get a hair transformation in season 5? Do suggest names of new hair looks that you think will suit them in the comment box.

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