WATCH: Millie Bobby Brown Shows off Her Dance Moves Dressed as Eleven, Fans Say “Eleven when Papa isn’t looking”

WATCH: Millie Bobby Brown Shows off Her Dance Moves Dressed as Eleven, Fans Say “Eleven when Papa isn’t looking”

Millie Bobby Brown is a household name today. The Stranger Things actor is gaining popularity by the second and for all the right reasons. A treasure trove of talent, she has proved herself to be a superb performer in all her projects. But, it’s her role as Eleven from Stranger Things that really put her on the map. Her portrayal of the formidable telekinetic teen is absolutely superlative. So much so that sometimes we forget how young she is. However, one look at her social media uploads, and we see the 18 years old as the lovable goof that she is.

Fans lose it watching Millie Bobby Brown dance as Eleven

Known for her behind-the-scene shenanigans, be it a show or a film, Millie Bobby brown loves to have fun. There are several hilarious videos of her chilling, dancing, and goofing off with her costars. Recently, a compilation of the Stranger Things star flaunting her dance moves surfaced on the internet. It has several snippets of Millie in full costume dancing to various pop songs. 

Featuring hits by Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and other famous artists, the video is a true testament to her dancing skills as well as her impeccable comic timing. Obviously, the YouTube comment section makes the entire video even more hilarious.

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Fans absolutely love Brown’s moves, yet don’t shy away from savage and witty responses. Referencing the show, they believe her character Eleven is just blowing off steam away from Papa’s (Matthew Modine) stern gaze. After all, even superheroes need their fun, right?

Another viewer speculated on a classic Hopper reaction to Eleven’s dance routine, and it is bang-on.

Perhaps this is Eleven’s victory dance after stopping the daunting 001, according to another supporter.

The clip that steals the show is the one with Millie Bobby Brown in full character, wearing a bloody hospital gown. She dons a signature Eleven death stare, immediately breaks character, and busts a move to Ariana Grande. The absurd juxtaposition is sure to leave you in a fit of laughter.

This just goes to prove that Millie Bobby Brown is a star, both on and off-screen. Do you love Brown’s dance moves as much as we do? However, we fear this avatar of hers might diminish her fierceness a little. Perhaps, it is a good idea for everyone to re-watch Stranger Things on Netflix

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