“Get the fu*k out of my house“ – Ryan Reynolds Once Showcased an Ingenious Trick for Guests Who Overstay Their Welcome

“Get the fu*k out of my house“ – Ryan Reynolds Once Showcased an Ingenious Trick for Guests Who Overstay Their Welcome

There are very few celebrities who can match Ryan Reynolds’ quirky humor. Whether it is his hilarious tweets, his candor during interviews, or even his bizarre commercials, they are hilarious and highly entertaining. About 3 years ago, the Green Lantern actor starred in a hysterical commercial that would prove beneficial even today, especially in this festive season.

The advent of the holiday season also marks the arrival of house guests. Granted, the joy of celebration only multiplies with more people around, but more often than not, they do not realize when it is time to take their leave. Well, fret not. Hollywood’s very own “king of snark,” Ryan Reynolds, once had an innovative way out of this very situation. 

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Ryan Reynolds has the perfect product to send the house guests away

In December 2019, just before Christmas, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon uploaded a commercial on their YouTube channel. With Ryan Reynolds as the protagonist, the ad was set in his beautiful home along with a group of people, including Jimmy Fallon, celebrating the high holidays. The night of friends and frivolity was going well until it got late and the guests just would not leave.

The commercial also employed the classic trope of narrating the main character’s inner monologue through a voiceover. From “commenting on the time” to the “over-the-top yawning,” and more, Reynolds dropped many subtle hints, trying hard to send his visitors packing, but all in vain. The Canadian actor’s exaggerated gestures and over-the-top enactment were a complete laugh riot. 

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With so much build-up, finally, the product in question is revealed. And, from the Deadpool actor’s expressions, you can tell it was all that he was looking for. “It’s time for the newest scent from Yankee Candle’s Holiday Collection. Introducing the “Get the fu*ck out of my house” candle,” announced the voiceover in an upbeat tone.

Clearly making fun of the stereotypical holiday commercials, the candle’s “uninviting new fragrance” was highlighted to lure in the customers. The voiceover continued as Reynolds lit the candle, and instantly, the guests were consumed with the nasty odor. Jimmy Fallon even compared it to “someone microwaving garbage.” As the guests started to leave, the commercial introduced,

Now available in a variety of fragrances, including Old Shrimp, Sweaty Crocs, Hot Broccoli in a Ziplock Bag, Egg Fart, and New Jersey.

We hope Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon come up with yet another product this holiday season. Given Deadpool 3 is in the making, perhaps even Hugh Jackman could make an appearance.

Which fragrance would you use on your house guests? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch The Adam Project streaming on Netflix.

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