Psychotic Ryan Reynolds in a Dark Horror Humour Is Your Perfect Halloween Recommendation

Psychotic Ryan Reynolds in a Dark Horror Humour Is Your Perfect Halloween Recommendation

With a career spanning over three decades, Ryan Reynolds has given innumerable hit films and shows to the audience. From Deadpool to 6 Underground, the list of Ryan’s memorable films goes on. Amongst a plethora of films that Ryan has done in his career, it is natural that some of his projects are overlooked by the audience. While the world awaits to see Ryan as the Merc with A mouth in the upcoming installment of Deadpool 3, there is another underrated horror comedy by the Canadian actor that is a must-watch for the fans this Halloween.

With the Halloween season just around the corner, there is no better way to enter into November than watching great movies. While we have seen Ryan in action and comedy films, very few of us are aware that the Deadpool actor also starred in a dark horror comedy. Here is all you need to know about The Voices.

The Voices featuring Ryan Reynolds

Coming from humble beginnings, Ryan Reynolds stunned the entire world with his undisputed run of success. And while Ryan has delivered tons of hit films, one of his earlier projects is often overlooked by the audience. If you are looking for a perfect Halloween watchThe Voices might be the perfect film.

The Voices is inarguably one of the most slept-on films by Reynolds. Ryan as Jerry in this 2014 dark horror-comedy film is one of the most entertaining performances by the Free Guy star. The film follows the story of Jerry, a factory worker who is socially awkward and suffering from schizophrenia. While he pursues his office crush (Gemma Arterton), things take a nasty turn when she stands him up for a date.

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The Voices has the perfect balance between horror and comedic genre. All dark humor fans will feel right at home here. Also, Ryan has turned in one of his most brilliant performances in the movie. The Voices has a decent Rotten Tomatoes score with a certified 75% fresh.

So if you want this Halloween to be a mix of laughter and scare, you need to stream The Voices.

Watch the movie and let us know if you guys liked it. Also, feel free to share your movie recommendations with us in the comments below.

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