Footballer Antonio Brown Once Praised Yeezy Mogul Kanye West, Called Him “Creative Genius”

Footballer Antonio Brown Once Praised Yeezy Mogul Kanye West, Called Him “Creative Genius”

While Kanye West is one of the greatest and most influential hip hop musicians of all time, as well as one of the greatest musicians of his generation, it seems the controversies are influencing this artist more. With the divorce, fight for co-parenting, negotiations with the different brands, and whatnot, Ye seems to be in a lot of trouble right now.

However, Ye wasn’t always surrounded by foes, he had and still has friends who support him. Once upon a time, one of his best friends, who is still friends with the artist, praised him. This best friend is none other than the great NFL player, Antonio Brown. The player is a free agent and businessman as well. When he met Ye, who helped him in creating music, Brown instantly came under Ye’s spell as they both connected so well. And this is how Antonio praised the artist.

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When Antonio Brown praised the Yeezy mogul, Kanye West

Kanye West is known for his music, along with his great business skills. He recently broke up the GAP contract and is now negotiating with the Black-owned footwear companies. While talking about business, Ye has created an extremely creative space named Donda. The president of the company is his best friend, Antonio Brown. The NFL player opened up about his venture with the artist.

Brown talked about his experiences when he met the Yeezy owner. They spend the whole day together just being creative. He praised Ye and said, “Ye’s a creative genius.” Brown said, he and Ye are living the dream and working for it to empower the future superheroes. They have created a space where there are no restrictions on being traditional. Their Donda Sports is an aesthetically powerful place for people to come in and be themselves.

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The aim is to give the opportunity to future superheroes to be successful. Brown expressed his willingness to continue his relationship by saying they (he and Ye) want to continue and expand this field more. He further added that being around Ye makes you energetic. Ye is full of life and he works very dedicatedly.

Amongst all the controversies, what do you think about the friendship between a sportsperson and a musician? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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