Unreleased Jordans by Kanye West Go Up for a Sale for $3.5 Million

Unreleased Jordans by Kanye West Go Up for a Sale for $3.5 Million

Rapper, fashion icon, and legend in his own right, Kanye West is a double kill. The 45-year-old star started as a rapper and has twenty-four Grammy Awards, which is no easy feat to achieve. West is known for being fearlessly outspoken. No matter what the issue is, the rapper does not mince his words, which has earned him a massive fanbase.

There are many loved celebrities in the world, but you don’t see fans asking for them to become the President. The case of Kanye West, however, is different. When Ye landed his first fashion project with Nike in 2007, he was in neck-deep. Now the Grammy-winning artist is a billionaire. Through working with big brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, A BATHING APE, GAP, and Adidas, West has cemented his place in the fashion industry. Following his mother’s death, West has released two successful albums as a tribute and now even an Air Jordans.

Unreleased Air Jordans by Kanye West are now up for sale

With a music career both commercially and critically acclaimed, West, now, is planning to go solo in the fashion industry. After seeing the impact that the artist has had through his Yeezy line, he has won the trust of all brands. While the No Child Left Behind singer may be cutting ties with Adidas now, the collaboration has gotten him an annual revenue of $1.7 billion.

Now, the latest addition is the Air Jordan 6 “Donda,” which is a rare piece. These Yeezys are not out for sale yet, but Christie’s has one that cost $3.5 million. These shoes are a tribute to Ye’s mother, similar to his last two albums. There are only four to six pairs out as of now. Managed by Caitlin Donovan, the department store has a collection called the “Ye Walks.”

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It is mostly known for having rare masterpieces from the music, fashion, and sports industry. Furthermore, Kanye West’s unreleased Air Jordan 6 “Donda” has a layered floral design and the beautiful lyrics from Ye’s song Roses. And last but not the least, the name of West’s late mother is inscribed on them.

The sneakers were to show condolence for the artist who had lost his biggest inspiration. If you have $3.5 million and cannot wait until the release, then you are free to go to Christie.com and purchase the latest Air Jordans 6 “Donda.”

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