For How Many Years Has Kanye West Not “touched cash”

For How Many Years Has Kanye West Not “touched cash”

No one is unaware of the fact that the Donda rapper Kanye West is one of the richest African Americans to exist. With an overwhelming number of projects and partnerships, the man has a myriad of products signed and sold under him. Along with his bestselling masterpieces, his business has gained him a handsome fortune. However, the star surprised us with a contrasting statement about his business and finances in one of his interviews.

The host, paparazzi, and the fans all were equally shocked at his words. However, his personality and features when later analyzed do make sense in what he said. Do you wanna know what the entire thing was about?

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Kanye West discloses the last time he held real money physically

When you have billions stacked up in your bank account, your dealings with the money change. Every wealthy businessman in The States calls for cash but Kanye is just built differently. In his HipHop-Dx interview, West revealed that he has not touched cash in a total of four years. The video showed Kanye in a black leather hoodie jacket being just as casual and spitting facts about himself.

The majority fraction of his income comes from his stakes in clothing and footwear industries like Adidas, The Gap, Nike, and many more. In fact, the bulk of West’s fortune, $1.5 billion, is from his popular sneaker brand, Yeezy, which he owns in its entirety. Reports are such that Ye might allegedly break the partnership with the former two. Moreover, in the age of digital money where everyone prefers to go cashless this does not come as a shock. Despite his crucial never-ending fiasco at his Instagram stories, Ye has never failed to impress his fans.

However, the 45-year-old music artist has a lot going on in his personal life. After a decade of living together, his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, parted ways with him. In addition to that, his children no longer stay with him and a lot of third parties have come into the play that causes the rapper distress.

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Nevertheless, his personal perils have never been a matter of objection in his professional life. All his projects and the companies that he owns along with his two-time oscar-winning best-seller albums make him one of the richest and most unique rappers in the western world.

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