What is ‘Yeezle’ by Kanye West? A Song, A Shoe, or Something Else?

What is ‘Yeezle’ by Kanye West? A Song, A Shoe, or Something Else?

The American rapper, Kanye West, has a number of extensive projects and productions that cater to the needs of people of The States and worldwide. Along with being twice the Grammy titleholder, all his design companies make him a wealthy businessman. Even before achieving fame as a rapper, he was a successful producer and had songwriting credits on a few hit songs as well. These were all for the fashion and music lovers but in case you are a gaming nerd, Ye has got something for you too.

Along with being one of the world’s best-selling artists, he has had stakes in clothing and footwear industries like Adidas, The Gap, Nike, and many more. In fact, the bulk of West’s fortune, $1.5 billion, is from his popular sneaker brand, Yeezy, which he owns in its entirety. However, you would be surprised to know that the Donda rapper also has a game dedicated exclusively to him.

How to play Yeezle, the Wordle game for Kanye West fans

Following in the footsteps of his shoe trademark, Yeezy, the game is called Yeezle. It lets you guess some of the top Hits of Kanye West through some amazing steps.

The game gives you eight guesses to crack a mystery song from any of Kanye’s 12 studio albums. Upon answering, if the column turns green, it means a complete match. Meanwhile, if your answers snooze yellow in the album or track number column, it indicates that this attribute is within 2 albums or tracks, with an arrow hinting at if it is higher or lower. Yellow in the track length column means the song length is within 30 seconds, with an arrow once again helping you with the time limit. However, if at least one of your choices is correct, the feature column turns yellow, giving you an indication of the same.

The 45-year-old music artist has a lot going on in his personal life. After a decade of living together, his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, parted ways with him. In addition to that, his children no longer stay with him and a lot of third parties have come into the play that causes the rapper distress.

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Nevertheless, his personal perils have never been a matter of objection in his professional life. All his projects and companies that he owns along with his best-selling albums make him one of the richest rappers in the western world. And now he has Wordle lovers in his kitty of followers.

Would you play this unique Wordle game? Have you already played it? Let us know in the comments.

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