Kim Kardashian, Steve Lacy and Lisa Rinna Can’t Seem to Get Over Kanye West’s YEEZY Sunglasses

Kim Kardashian, Steve Lacy and Lisa Rinna Can’t Seem to Get Over Kanye West’s YEEZY Sunglasses

Kanye is genuinely the celebrity of celebrities. Like him or hate him, he makes headlines all over social media. Ye, commonly known as Kanye West, is widely known for being one of the best hip-hop artists of our times. The outspoken legend is known for hit numbers like Ghost Town and Stronger. But the introvert is much more than a musical genius. He is also an entrepreneur whose mere name can make people stand in the queue for his merchandise.

The Gold Digger singer’s Yeezy shoes are already a fad amongst the crowd, but adding to that now are his sunglasses. In fact, even Kanye’s ex-wife and socialite Kim Kardashian rocked them on along with their daughters Chicago and North West. Steve Lacy and Lisa Rinna of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills joined them on the bandwagon. The trendy unique glasses were first featured during Lil Durk’s 2022 Rolling Loud set in Miami.

The space age sunglasses of Kanye West is buzzing everywhere

Kanye’s upcoming line of sunglasses is one of the most awaited fashion products this year. The differences between GAP and Ye led to the termination of their partnership, one of the reasons being the price range. But enmity aside, the brand is set to release its work of collaboration with Balenciaga, a luxury brand that engineered it.

The design will get you feeling like a futuristic character from The Jetsons. According to sources, the sunglasses are tagged as YR 3022 YZY GAP SHDZ. The futuristic sunglasses are adjustable with a strap at the back and wrap around your face with foam padding for comfort around the nose.

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Kanye being Kanye, envisioned the idea that good quality, high-end products should not be expensive. Keeping that in mind, these shades will be priced reasonably, unlike most luxury brands. The cost of which will be a mere $20, which is low considering the brand and marketing expenditure.

The glasses are yet to be released to the mass public, and a launch date will be announced soon. But the social media attention that it has garnered remains at an all-time high, thanks to the work of legendary Nick Knight. The trendy glasses have a dedicated account to tease us on Instagram, called the YzyShzd account as well.


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