“First season of Ozark was very hard for me because…”: Julia Garner Reveals Why It Was Difficult for Her to Play Ruth Langmore

“First season of Ozark was very hard for me because…”: Julia Garner Reveals Why It Was Difficult for Her to Play Ruth Langmore

Julia Garner really achieved what she deserved after her role in Ozark. Her dedicated efforts toward her role as Ruth really paid off when she won two Emmy Awards for her acting. The queen of accents has a Golden Globe nomination too. In a Netflix interview, Julia Garner opened up about her role as Ruth and spoke of the difficulties she faced while playing it.

Julia Garner reveals why it was difficult to play Ruth Langmore

In a farewell video to Ozark, cast members Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner and crew members came together to share their experiences on the show. Garner opens her part in the video by admitting how the show has changed her life professionally and personally. She apparently met many of her best friends on the sets of the Netflix Original. She calls the series and its line-up a “magical moment” because she and everyone else knew they had all the right ingredients for a hit series. However, the first season was easy for the actress.

“The first season of Ozark was very hard for me because I’m not aggressive; you know?” said Garner. She admitted not being confident and tough like Ruth made it challenging for her to become the character. So, how did Julia end up emulating the Langmore tigress so well on screen? Well, turns out, she found something she could connect with. Garners calls Ruth “very sensitive,” which is the trait the actress could relate with.

Julia as Ruth Langmore

Ruth Langmore is strong, ambitious yet gentle. Marty’s ‘ethical’ money laundering doesn’t seem to bother her already crime-stricken life. She’s the best associate to Marty because of her knowledge about the Ozarks, presence of mind, and non-judgmental stances. She truly becomes Marty’s third child.

Garner really lucked out on Ruth because Ruth has so much to do. She gets to be the show baddy because the hero of the show, Marty Byrde is so mellow. She is the one acting like a superhero, pulling the audience’s pride up. The viewers totally relate to her sensitivity too.

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Julia Garner aced her acting as Ruth since the beginning of the show. Interestingly, this is a trait not limited to Ozark but extends to anything she has acted in. There can’t be a better star when it comes to replicating any given accent.

After her titular role in Inventing Anna and The Assistant, Garner is all set for a psychological thriller; Apartment 7A, which is a period drama set in the 70s London. It is produced by The Office star John Krasinski in a partnership with ‘Paramount Players’. The first look is making the fans go crazy: click here to check it out.

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There is also news of her acting in The Royal Hotel, which is produced by the Oscar-nominated producers of The Power of Dog. This makes us feel better about saying goodbye to Garner as Ruth. Did you like Ruth and Garner’s portrayal of the character? Let us know.

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    Judith Silk
    May 9, 2022 at 7:51 am

    I thought Julia’s portrayal was absolutely breathtaking. I could never look away. Her ultimate demise made tragic sense.
    What didn’t make a molecule of sense was for Jason Bateman and Laura Linney to go gliding into the sunset. I am certain it’s only because of JB’s outsized ego as a producer with too much power and too little taste. Pathetic way to end. Ballless.

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