Fans Bid an Emotional Goodbye to the Magical Netflix Series ‘Locke and Key’ After Season 3

Fans Bid an Emotional Goodbye to the Magical Netflix Series ‘Locke and Key’ After Season 3

Locke and Key season 3 is finally out. There was a huge question revolving around this season of the series. Is there a genuine conclusion, or will fans be left guessing with a cliffhanger for the rest of their lives? So as not to belabor the subject, Locke & Key Season 3 is not just the most exhilarating and emotionally packed edition ever but also one of this year’s finest fantasy series. And most importantly, season 3 is a suitable conclusion to the show.

The main question that arises now is how fans are reacting to it. Well, let us tell you!

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What happened in Locke and Key over two seasons?

In the first season, the Locke kids move to their father’s ancestral home after his death. This ancestral house is known as The Keyhouse and is situated in Matheson, Massachusetts. There they discover various magical keys and find them fascinating. But, with magic comes evil. They have to face lots of demons over the two seasons, Dodge being the main antagonist.

It took the Locke family two seasons to defeat Dodge (Laysla de Oliveira) with the assistance of some mystical keys. Tyler, Kinsey, Bode, and mom Nina all played their parts. They successfully defeated Dodge after Season 2, but not before Tyler’s girlfriend died. Because of an age safeguard with magic (nobody over 18 can recall keys), Tyler is blissfully oblivious of what occurred back in Matheson, Massachusetts, in Season 3.

Now, let’s move on to the third, latest, and fan reactions to the final season of the show.

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How are the fans reacting to Locke and Key 3?

Although not many people have yet reacted to the third season, those who have, seem pretty happy. According to most of them, this was a great way to say goodbye to such an amazing show. However, most of them didn’t want the show to end and wanted more seasons.

Let’s have a look at the responses.

Overall, the fans seem impressed with the new season of Locke and Key. However, they are sad at the same time that it’s the season finale. Fans didn’t want the show to end this soon. However, according to the makers, the third season is the perfect wrap-up, and stretching it more will only make it boring.

So what are you waiting for? Binge Locke and Key season 3 NOW!

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