Did Netflix Make the Right Decision by Canceling ‘Locke and Key’ at 3 Seasons?

Did Netflix Make the Right Decision by Canceling ‘Locke and Key’ at 3 Seasons?

When Locke & Key launched in February 2020, it couldn’t have come at a better moment. We were all confined in our houses a month later, with this epic drama, based on the IDW comic books by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodrguez, just waiting for us to binge. There was the Locke family with their magnificent colonial estate, which had dozens of magical keys concealed for the kids to locate, as well as a doorway to a demonic dimension that would wreak havoc on them. And that was good.

However, now that Netflix will be streaming the third and final season of the series, it makes us all wonder whether they are doing the right thing. Let us try to figure out if Netflix was justified by canceling a favorite fan show with just three seasons.

The third season of Locke and Key wasn’t its best

The third and last chapter of Locke & Key emphasizes the concept that as we get older, we lose interest in magic and imagination and instead focus on what is ahead of us. So, while this last bundle of episodes includes some less-than-magical moments, it’s still a final act that successfully concludes this family and childhood saga. That’s exactly what it is. Despite its demonic and mystical components, Locke & Key has always been a story about family.

The villain lacks a true motive

This time around, Frederick Gideon’s (Kevin Durand) motivations sound a touch too basic. Essentially, if he can gather all of the keys ever manufactured, he will be able to utilize their power to open a doorway to his world large enough to include the Lockes’.

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Locke and Key gives a worthy goodbye to its fans

This is, without a doubt, the poorest season. But it doesn’t mean the series ends on a negative note or has nothing to offer. After enticing us in with the grandiose premise of keys that perform magical things, Locke & Key concludes on a mature note, underlining that, no matter how much we want to cling to our youth, we must let it go.

So Netflix did the right thing by making a great series holistically and ending it right before the audiences got bored of it, something that often happens with other shows. Do you guys think Locke and Key deserved more seasons? Let us know in the comments.

Locke and Key season three starts streaming on Netflix on August 10th.

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