“Evil Morty is coming back”: Rick and Morty Creator Dan Mormon Hints at What Fans Should Expect From Season 6

“Evil Morty is coming back”: Rick and Morty Creator Dan Mormon Hints at What Fans Should Expect From Season 6

Rick and Morty have finally made a return nearly a year later with season 6. The Adult Swim series had garnered loads of critical acclaim for the non-serialized fun that it guaranteed its audiences. However, things changed quite a bit in the last season. 

Fans were highly anticipating this season because of the shocking finale of season 5. It left too many unanswered questions and also relegated a few characters from minor to significant parts of the storyline. The sitcom creator Dan Mormon recently gave an interview where he spilled a little about what to expect or rather who to expect in the new season.

Rick and Morty season 6 creator Dan Mormon teased the return of Evil Morty

Evil Morty’s return in season 5 was a shocker for many fans, especially the stunts he pulled left too many fans stunned. Although he started out as just a joke in season 1, the key role he played in season 5 made him one of the most mysterious and dangerous figures in the Rick and Morty universe. Since then, fans are hoping that it wasn’t the last Evil Morty appearance on the show. Dan addressed this in an interview, where he assured the fans that Evil Morty will definitely make a comeback. Although he further added that he cannot tell for sure where. 

You will definitely be seeing him again. I caution that we may not be seeing him soon,” he said. He further disclosed that the writers have already written season 7 and are now working on season 8 to keep up with the schedule. At least, we know that we won’t have to wait for long to get more crazy episodes.

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In season 5, Evil Morty became the President of the Citadel and then proceeded to destroy the Central Finite Curve. He did that to break free from the limited realities where Rick was the smartest in the universe.

Dan is purposely keeping the fans in the dark. But if and when Evil Morty turns up, it’s definitely going to take the story in a whole new direction. 

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Have you tuned into Rick and Morty season 6 yet? Share your thoughts on the new season in the comments. 

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