Emmy Winner Julia Garner Offers Gratitude to Jason Bateman for “taking a chance on her”

Emmy Winner Julia Garner Offers Gratitude to Jason Bateman for “taking a chance on her”

Julia Garner and Jason Bateman are together known as the face of the crime and thriller series, Ozark. Of course, it also boasts Laura Linney as another leading character, but the former two have a different level of fanbase. The trinity always radiated family vibes despite their on-off rivalry on screen. Throughout the show, Jason has been a guiding light to all the actors, especially Julia. He made Ruth and did perfect justice to her character through Julia.

Hence, no matter who she forgets to acknowledge on stage, she always ensures to thank Jason and Laura. On her third Emmy win, Julia took a moment to thank the director for everything he had done on the sets of Ozark. The star also got a bit emotional on the acceptance of the award, but we all know how overwhelming bidding a goodbye feels like. Here is what the actress said.

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How did Julia Garner thank Jason Bateman for her third Emmy in a row?

Julia first thanked the Television Academy for the opportunity and everybody else at Netflix and MRC. She then mentioned the writers and showrunners and heartily thanked them for writing Ruth. Lastly, she offered her heartwarming gratitude to the most eminent director of all time. “I want to thank Jason Bateman for taking a chance on me,” said Garner.

She next thanked Laura for always being there from day one as a guiding light. In the previous wins too, the star has repeatedly thanked Jason for casting her as Ruth. Not only off-screen but even in the show, Ruth and Marty (played by Jason Bateman) always shared a unique bond made up of pure affection and trust in the show.

Marty tried her level best to save Ruth’s life, just like he did to save his kids. Ruth, in return, also gave him numerous proofs of her loyalty toward him and his family. From a business partnership to slowly evolving into a low-key father-daughter relationship, their connection grew thicker through the most critical aspects of the series.

Ruth has never been less than family for the Byrdes, especially after her involvement with Wendy’s brother, Ben. Hence, the connection between Julia and Jason in real life is also adorable. While she was receiving the Emmy on stage, Laura and Marty were having a proud parents’ moment back with the audience.

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