“I blacked out”: Julia Garner Forgets to Thank Her Husband, Mark, While Accepting the Award, Once Again!

“I blacked out”: Julia Garner Forgets to Thank Her Husband, Mark, While Accepting the Award, Once Again!

Three-times Emmy winner Julia Garner and humor go hand in hand forever. Apart from being a talented and skillful actress, she is always a charming and intelligent girl to talk to. She is the direct opposite of what we witnessed on-screen in Ozark and Inventing Anna.


Although her characters like Ruth Langmore and Anna Delvy have proved to be two of the best unconventional characters of the era, she is just as pleasing and appealing to be around. No matter how particular and proficient she is in everything she does on-screen, the star sometimes gets overwhelmed and goes all numb on stage. This was obvious in the way she, in the heat of the excitement, recreated a hilarious moment from an earlier Emmys. Let us remind you all about it.

Julia Garner forget to thank her husband again

Recreating the COVID-19 pandemic event, Julia went blank on the stage as she received an award. This time, once again, the star told us a few lines of gratitude wherein she forgot to mention her husband. Not only her husband, but she also forgot to mention her cast and crew out of sheer excitement and nervousness. She mentioned them later in the Variety interview when she was asked about her “first thoughts.

At the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emmy awards of 2020 were held as a virtual event. Julia had won her second Emmy for the team, where she thanked all the cast and crew, except her own husband. Her husband, Mark Foster, the lead singer of Foster the People band, was sitting right to her while she did not ever realize it.

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However, she didn’t miss a beat and covered it swiftly enough towards the end by addressing him as her husband and the entire family. But the nervousness clearly dawned on the star, as she was all red after her massive win.

The star recently wrapped up the shooting of her upcoming film, The Royal Hotel as her Instagram post said. She has also been officially chosen to play Madonna in her upcoming biopic. The journey has been a roller coaster for Julia Garner, nevertheless; she has gotten all the acclaim she deserves.

Julia Garner’s massive win is enough of an excuse for all of us to stream Ozark again. Don’t you think?

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