“It doesn’t smack you in the face”: Jason Bateman and Julia Garner Talk About the Beauty That is Ozark Finale

“It doesn’t smack you in the face”: Jason Bateman and Julia Garner Talk About the Beauty That is Ozark Finale

Among the top Hits of Netflix this year, the one show that’ll forever continue to live in the hearts of the audience rent-free is Ozark. We can never get enough of the series and nor can the actors themselves. The series went off the air with its final episode on the 29th of April, 2022. It’s been three months hence and we still can’t stop lamenting about the show’s ending. But it’s not only us, the cast also had a tough time bidding farewell to the best crime and thriller series to date. Months ago, Jason Bateman and Julia Garner were seen in an online interview together where they talked about the ending of the series. Here’s what it was all about!

More than us Julia Garner had a tougher time bidding goodbye to Ozark

The Ozark’s savage queen Ruth Langmore and the exceptional finance-advisor-turned-cartel-boss share a very low-key beautiful relationship on-screen. While Marty gave Ruth the respect and care that she deserved, Ruth sacrificed her entire family to stay loyal to Marty. Both share a heartwarming father-daughter relationship as Ruth was no less than a family to The Byrdes. After the show ended, Jason (Marty) and Julia (Ruth) had a chit-chat over the final scene. According to Jason, our eminent director and also a leading actor, “the ending has a very satisfying resolution.” He says, “it doesn’t smack you in the face but it’s satisfying on a bunch of different levels.”

Julia Garner who played the iconic character of Ruth Langmore also concurred with his statement but selfishly, she “could selfishly go on shooting Ozark for the rest of her life”, said the actress. Although her character officially died a few minutes before the end, she still insisted on being a part of the Ozark family for as long as she could.

How Ozark changed the history of crime and thriller series

Ozark was a gem of a show. With all the crime and mayhem lingering around all the families down in the lake of Ozarks, this show exposed the internal finances of the administration. Its character-driven aspect speaks matter on a lot of levels and displays how each one is flawed individually but is always better off together and united.

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Regarding the ending, most of the characters are clever and ruthless. Speaking of which, they’d most likely have contingencies for all sorts of situations that they knew were going to arise. We saw Ruth get shot but we also saw her instigate and provoke the killer right up to the end, maintaining the audacity of her character. Julia as Ruth Langmore was extremely smart and wanted to live and succeed and claw her way to success. But there had to be the end of all the Langmores and if Ruth alone remained, that couldn’t have been possible. A hard to swallow pill but we’re long inured to violence and death. So let’s hope it just gets better.

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