Julia Garner Reflects on Playing Ruth Saying She Was, “Ruth till the very end”

Julia Garner Reflects on Playing Ruth Saying She Was, “Ruth till the very end”

Goodbyes are painful, especially when it’s a show like Ozark that never fails to surprise the audience, not less than at least thrice per episode. The sudden appearances of facts out of nowhere in Ozark and heart-wrenching plot twists always leaves the streamers with just enough to helplessly binge-watch the next episodes. Not being over with the show’s farewell, we have Julia Garner, aka Ruth in an interview which gives us a character breakdown of the only Langmore who almost made it to the last. Dive deeper into one of the most unique characters in the show and know more about it.

Julia Garner talks about Ruth Langmore and her unique character traits on the big screen

Ruth Langmore with that brilliant southern accent of America and a cutthroat personality that fans more often loved than they despised, was one of the remarkable characters of Ozark. Without The Langmores, especially the Blond head female lead of the family, the show would have been incomplete in achieving all the praises that it already has. Having bagged two Emmys this year for her astonishing performance in the show, the star talks about her closure at Ozarks and her work on the Shondaland series and Inventing Anna.

Even after being the bravest of almost all the characters, including the associations of the Navarro Cartel itself, she met with an anticipated painful death. No one wanted Ruth to leave us in the end, but we all saw it coming after she killed Javi Elizonndro. What made it all the more emotional for the viewers is that she died like Ruth and never deviated from her character even while standing right before her death.

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Ruth Langmore had her character intact till the very end no matter how hard it was to hold on

Even when she was dying, she challenged her killer, (Javi’s mother, Camilla) to kill her and never begged nor pleaded for her life and so she was Ruth till the very end, in a way,” said Julia. After the death of her brother, Wyatt, the only person she loved with her whole heart, she really didn’t care about anything, not even death, although she goes on accomplishing wealth and fortune in her life. “She tries to be happy to mess with the Byrdes who ruined her entire life, but the hole in her heart is never fixed. It’s like her soul is already gone with her brother, and she’s just carrying her physical self on Earth,” added Julia.

Towards the end, Julia speaks of the raw emotions that set the show on fire. She affirmed, and it was also vividly visible that she wasn’t acting anymore. It was Julia’s alt ego on the screen that we all witnessed, and she didn’t need to act on it. Being Ruth was not just a script to play along on the big screen. It was something that shaped Julia personally as well.

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Right from the beginning, as much as she was the brave and bold and fearlessly reckless female lead of the show, she was also the most sensitive and vulnerable character of Ozark. And that is what portrayed her character so perfectly. That is the Ruth people will miss, forever hence.

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