“You would be foolish to push her off…”: Jason Bateman Explains Ruth’s Death and How Julia Garner Executed It

“You would be foolish to push her off…”: Jason Bateman Explains Ruth’s Death and How Julia Garner Executed It

Several weeks have passed since one of the greatest Netflix shows of all times met its end. Yes, we are indeed talking about the brilliant crime thriller Ozark. Even after 3 long months, it seems as if we were just enjoying the very perfection of Ozark yesterday. And that is all because of the sheer dedication of everyone attached to the project. Be it Jason Bateman, Julia Garner, or Chris Mundy. Literally, every single person worked with their heart for the show.

While the show was nothing but perfection from start to end, there was one thing that left all viewers shattered: The death of Julia Garner’s character, Ruth Langmore. A scene that sends shivers down the spine is indeed one of the most painful things we have seen in the series. But how did it all come together? How did they shoot this sequence? Director Jason Bateman revealed it all in a recent interview.

Jason Bateman breaks down Ruth Langmore’s death in the Ozark finale

Amidst a 12-week-long run of Ozark on Netflix’s top 10 charts, Jason Bateman, Chris Mundy, and Laura Linney sat down with the Los Angeles Times to break down the incredible finale of the Netflix Original series. While talking about many things from the episode, the main scene in discussion was the one where Ruth Langmore died.

In eliminating such a beloved character, you’re dealing with a potentially volatile situation with respect to the audience.

Bateman reveals the stakes and how killing a character as loved and celebrated as Ruth Langmore can indeed turn out to be a buzzkill. However, amidst all the other things that Bateman needed to worry about, including lights, music, cameras, and more, Julia Garner was the last of his concern, mainly because of the sheer dedication the actress has towards her work.

Bateman said that Garner always came prepared for her scenes, and always brought things with herself. “You would be foolish to push her off anything she brings because from that commitment comes this ferocity of communication,” Bateman says. He also says that his job as a director is to help her do what she is excited about because that is the best version to work on, and not Jason’s own vision.

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