Did Henry Cavill Date Kaley Cuoco Only for PR? Here’s the Truth

Did Henry Cavill Date Kaley Cuoco Only for PR? Here’s the Truth

Apart from being the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill is always recognized as a handsome British hunk. Cavill does not have a very extensive dating past, but the relationships that he has been in are interesting in every way. Superman is currently dating Natalie Viscuso and is said to be very much in love with her.

Recently, he has been in the news for various work reasons. He was sacked from the role of Superman in the DCU. Cavill also passed on the role of Geralt of Rivia, in The Witcher to Aussie actor, Liam Hemsworth. Meanwhile, there has been some highlight on the short-term affair he had with Kaley Cuoco about 10 years ago.

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Was Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco’s affair a PR stunt?

One of the affairs in the history of Hollywood that grabbed the most attention was Henry Cavill’s with The Big Bang Theory fame actress Kaley Cuoco. It was the year 2013, and Cavill’s Man of Steel had just come out, and soon after that, he was spotted with Cuoco. Initially, people thought they were serious with each other as they were spotted many a time together. However, it was an extremely short-term affair that only lasted for 10 days.

The rumors of this being just a PR stunt were discussed, but they were not taken seriously. However, after years, it is perfectly clear that this was just a PR stunt that both actors did to gain some fame. The claim became solid when it was out that both Cavill and Cuoco have the same PR agency representing them. Moreover, they were seen together in those spots that are known to be captured the most.

The budding romance seemed more like a settlement between the actors and drew all the possible bad light to them. According to Koimoi, Cuoco later admitted the fact that she gained more attention after getting spotted with Cavill.

Moreover, just days after the breakup, Cuoco started seeing Ryan Sweeting, which shows that it was nothing but a not-so-well-played publicity stunt. She later on married Sweeting, but they separated in the year 2016. After that, she married Karl Cook in 2018, but got divorced in 2021.

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